Ideas For The Best Slumber Party

Slumber parties are staples: everyone, no matter their age or gender, should attend at least one. Every classic film features an overnight party full of fun like this, and many people have fond memories of their own sleepover celebrations.

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If anyone is looking to throw the best one ever, these are the top 10 ideas we have for doing just that. This list covers everything from attire and activities to food and favors, so keep this all in mind… and feel free to immediately go and invite pals over for a slumber party that is happening tonight!

10 Get Everyone In Matching PJs

First thing’s first: for a super stylish time, have everyone wear matching pajamas. The invites for the party could say what color to wear, or the host could buy the same set for all the guests to wear if the budget allows for that.

To take it even further, each guest could also wear the same robes, eye masks, and/or house shoes as well, or each guest could each decorate their own eye mask when arriving at this amazing party. This will help everyone feel included and will lead to some very cute #twinning pics.

9 Screen An Outdoor Movie

Nearly every slumber party screens at least one movie, since piling up with pillows and blankets, while watching a flick with friends, is one of the best parts with all of this. A unique twist on this would be to play and watch the movie outside.

Using just a white sheet and a projector, people can create a DIY theater in the backyard! There are more official setups of this, too, but those who are throwing this event on a budget will be glad to know that this can be accomplished with the extra bedding that is at the back of the linen closet.

8 Play Classic Games

Another activity to consider during a party is games. There are board games like Monopoly and Trouble, which work for many ages, and everyone could be encouraged to bring along their favorite. There are card games that could be set up at folding tables, allowing everyone to rotate and get in on all the fun.

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There are outdoor games, too, such as ladder ball, horseshoes, and volleyball, that can be played if the weather is nice. Think about what the invited group will enjoy the most, and then offer up classics that will make time fly!

7 Set Up A Food Station For Dinner

When it is time to eat, it is time to introduce the first food station. Food is a huge part of a sleepover, and stations like this allow for party-goers to cook their own pizzas, build their own tacos, add original ingredients to popcorn, and more.

The theme, budget, size, and age group will all be taken into consideration when planning for dinner, but a buffet-style line with several options is a smart way to go. Plus, there are setting services that allow a party host to order a pretty presentation and send it back for less hassle when cleaning up afterward, too!

6 Build A Giant Fort

Besides what to wear, what to do, and what to eat, guests will need to know about sleeping arrangements. For the most memorable slumber party, build a giant fort! Of course, this isn’t necessary, since beds pushed together or blankets on the floor would work just fine.

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But imagine draping sheets all over a room then putting tons of blankets and pillows underneath for everyone to use. Picture twinkling lights acting like stars on top of all of these sheets. And think about how cozy everyone will feel underneath this structure, giggling and talking until sleep finally comes. Now that’s a party.

5 Sleep Under The Stars

Speaking of sleeping under the stars… Some party-throwers may want to really and truly do this; a sleepover doesn’t have to be thrown indoors, so think about moving the party outdoors.

Each guest could bring their own tent. Everyone could just use sleeping bags and/or blankets in the lawn. A trampoline could serve as a big bed. A glamping experience could be provided for all who attend. There are lots of options, and this idea could work for some of the people who are here, reading and planning today, no matter their ages or their goals with this event.

4 Have A Spa Night

There is one more activity that is necessary to mention: a spa night. We all deserve a little pampering now and then, and a sleepover is the perfect time to get it all in, all together.

Take turns painting each other’s fingernails and toenails. Wear mud or charcoal masks while watching movies. Hire a massage therapist to come in and de-stress everyone. Hit up an actual spa before sleeping over at the host’s house. Again, make each of these ideas individualized to work with the specific parties that will be happening—and enjoy it all!

3 Provide Everyone With Necessities

It never fails that someone at a slumber party will forget to bring something—something important, vital, and needed. Avoid problems like this by offering a go-to place of necessities; use a bucket, drawer, closet or room to hold the items that are usually left behind.

We would suggest stocking up on extra toothbrushes, undergarments, water bottles, feminine hygiene products, flashlights, and phone chargers. These are just some of the things that many may leave home without. Guests will feel taken care of and much less frazzled when they are covered at this epic party.

2 Set Up A Food Station For Breakfast

Once everyone finally falls asleep (or not, since there may be those who pull an all-nighter), it will again be time to eat… and time for another food station. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so imagine something like the following: a waffle bar with different toppings, a layout of multiple types of cereal, a coffee station with a variety of creamers, an omelet bar offering numerous mix-ins and add-ons.

Breakfast is the last event of a slumber party, so finish it all off with a bang by sending people away fed, full, and happy.

1 Send Everyone Off With A Favor

Anyone who is throwing a sleepover may also want to give out favors to everyone who comes. Since this list is full of ideas for the best time, these favors need to be super awesome. Instead of hosting a breakfast, hand out miniature boxes of cereal for the road.

Besides having that basket of necessary items, let each guest leave with a new toothbrush and fun toothpaste. Perhaps the favors will be personalized thermoses for the coffee or copies of the film that was watched the night before. Any of these would leave a lasting impression, that’s for sure!

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