More Than 200 Kids Were Missing From Schools After A Massive ICE Raid

Mississippi schools saw a significant drop in attendance the day after ICE detained a record number of immigrants working in the meat plants. More than 200 kids failed to show up for school.

The recent ICE raid, ordered by Donald Trump, occurred during the first days of school for children whose parents were detained. In the days after the raid, many children were afraid to attend school. Supposedly the children feared they would be taken by officials from their classrooms.

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One-fourth of the students, totaling fifty children, who attend Leake County School District in central Mississippi were absent on Thursday. According to Scott Country School District officials, more than 150 Latino children were not present. Sixty-three of the 400 English as a second language students did not come to school.

Workers have avoided coming into work for the same fear. Unfortunately, this takes away their paychecks and puts them in desperate situations as they depend on charitable donations to survive. There is a general fear of deportation right now, especially for children terrified to be separated from their parents.

Schools want children and their parents to know that the place of learning is also a safe place of refuge. Teachers and officials have made it clear that they are here to help and support families. When parents who were detained could not show up to pick their children up, school officials have stepped in to ensure their safety and attempt to comfort the kids. The goal is to reduce the trauma caused by the incidents as much as possible and make sure the kids are in good hands.

ICE officials claim that parents with children at home were released and that all children of the detained had one at least one parent return home on Thursday night.

Although the Trump administration claims it is cracking down on businesses who hire illegal immigrants, the facts show differently. Only eleven employers have been prosecuted, while ICE has arrested ten times as many immigrants this year than last.

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