Forget Ironing: Toss Some Ice Cubes In The Dryer For A Wrinkle-Free Outfit

If you hate ironing (and we all do), then you're gonna love this wrinkle-free hack that appeared on Lifehacker. A post by Alan Henry on Lifehacker suggests that if you are wanting to get rid of wrinkles in your clothing without resorting to pulling out the iron, you may want to try steaming out the wrinkles with the aid of a dryer and some ice cubes.

The post suggests taking a couple of ice cubes and running them with your clothes through the hottest cycle on your clothes dryer. It suggests that this hack works best if you are using it for only a few articles of clothing, rather than an entire load of clothes.

To try this trick for yourself, take a couple of ice cubes (like two or three, you certainly wont want to overdo it) and throw them in with your clothes. When using the hottest cycle of the dryer, the cubes melt and evaporate into steam. This gives your clothing the steam treatment to smooth out the wrinkles.

This is a genius trick for those occasions where you unexpectedly need to wear something nice. The beauty of this trick is that it is quick enough to be done last minute, or while you are preparing to go out. Most of us have probably had the experience of wanting to wear something to a special occasion and finding out last minute that it is too wrinkly to pull off. This maneuver would let you be wrinkle-free, without having to change your choice of outfit. It's the perfect thing for those of us who suck at planning ahead.

The secret to this lifehack is that the high heat plus the steam that's created when the ice cubes melt. The heat and steam work together perfectly to save you from looking like you just woke up in a dumpster. This is a welcome trick for if you have a big meeting or date, any event where you're hoping to project the image that you have it together.

So the next time you notice that your outfit is full of unsightly wrinkles, give this hack a shot!

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