ICE Arrests 680 People At Food Processing Plants; Kids Left Alone

Yesterday, raids by ICE left many children without their parents. In what ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence is calling the "the largest workplace sting in more than a decade", 680 people were detained, with no provisions made for their children. The raids occurred across Mississippi at food processing plants, detaining those believed to be undocumented immigrants. The raids are said to be a result of lengthy investigations.

The children of the workers who were detained were left with no one to care for them, save for strangers in some cases. Many of these children were taken to community centers, some by neighbors and others by complete strangers. Some of these children were terrified and crying for their parents. A few of these children were only toddlers.

The fallout from these raids has ended up being a school issue as well, as many of the children were in school when they occurred and were left with no one to pick them up. Teachers are going to try and support these kids as best they can. School has recently started up and this is just an added stress for young children.

Luckily there are some good Samaritans in this story who stepped up to help ensure the safety and well-being of these kids. People congregated at the community centers where kids were taken and tried to keep these kids calm. The owner of Clear Creek Boot Camp, Jordan Barnes, and other community leaders have given these kids a place to sleep and are arranging a way for kids to be taken to and from school. Food and drinks have been donated by the kindness of others.

According to WJTV News, Barnes stated “I understand the law and how everything works and everything needs to have a system...But everybody needs to hold the kids first and foremost in their minds and that’s what we’ve tried to do here is give them a place to stay and ease the pain a little bit.”

Donations can be made to help these kids by calling The Clear Creek Boot Camp at (601) 940-1690.

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