I Decorate For Christmas Early & I Don't Care What You Think

I'm not afraid to admit that I love Christmas. I'm excited for it every year and as soon as Halloween ends and November begins, Christmas begins too. It's also when I start thinking about my Christmas decorations and how cozy my home will be until January.

I start decorating for Christmas at the beginning of November, and I am fairly normal.  I simply love putting up lights, Christmas scenery, holiday figures, snowglobes and garland to make my home more festive. But only when I get around to putting away the Halloween decorations, because of course, I'm not that crazy. I love Christmas, not being organized.

Christmas is about joy and family. It's comfort and fun. It's lights and magic, and I want it to last longer than one month. Life is hard, the world is scary and Christmas is an escape from it all. If there are any Grinches out there, here me out. Decorating early for Christmas has a deeper meaning than just cute decor. Christmas is even better seeing it through the eyes of your children? This is about memories people!

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My kids are both at an age now where they understand Christmas and get excited about it all. They love to help decorate and we do all the traditional activities to make the season even more magical. We watch Christmas movies, bake, see Santa, drive around looking at Christmas lights, make decorations, and get Christmas pajamas. I want them to have pure and treasured memories of the holidays. They're only little once and I want to make it special for them.

I didn't grow up going all out for Christmas. My family had a handful of old decorations and mismatched ball ornaments. They were thrown up haphazardly when someone got around to it. I still always liked the season but never the traditional activities that come with the holidays. I wouldn't say my childhood alone created my love of Christmas.

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On the other hand, my husband and his family love Christmas and his mom decorates like crazy. She passed on her love of the holiday as well as a large collection of decorations. They're fans of Hallmark and all of their series' as well as an assortment of pop culture and classic Christmas figures. My husband's favorite thing about decorating is getting a real tree for an authentic Christmas smell. We're partial to noble firs.

He always looks for a tree that towers over us and is full enough for all of our ornaments.  There is a full examination of all the trees which I thought was ridiculous for the first few years. And I still do but we do need a nice solid one.

I will admit that on our first Christmas together, I was a little overwhelmed.  I too thought there was such a thing as too many Christmas decorations when I saw all the boxes that needed unpacking. In fact, we have a whole room full of them. But I was wrong.

There was something indescribable about our small living room littered with toys lit up with snowmen and white lights. And if that happens to be in the middle of November, so be it. It makes me happy.

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I don't have a reputation for being the most cheerful banana in the bunch. I'm an anxious mess of a mom most of the time but this time of year does wonders for my mood. I find myself so much more relaxed. There is nothing I love more than laying on my couch under a warm blanket under the soft glow of bright lights watching some Christmas movies trying to stay awake. 'Tis the season.

If you're still Bah-humbugging over early Christmas decorations, science will prove you wrong. According to psychologists, people who decorate earlier for Christmas are happier and less stressed. The bright colors and lights on decorations naturally improve your mood and increase energy.

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The holidays also evoke feelings of nostalgia and childhood. For many, Christmas really was a time of innocence and happiness. These memories improve moods and help break up the monotony of daily life.

Christmas just feels safe and the decorations are a huge part of that. It's the middle of November and my home is well on its way to being fully touched by Christmas, inside and out. It takes a bit of time to put these up, and we will be enjoying them. I will be over here with my improved mood And if you don't like it, well too bad. It makes me feel good and my kids love it. It works for me and my family, and we'll never stop loving Christmas in November.




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