10 Little Known Things About HypnoBirthing

Mothers preparing for the birth of their child have many options nowadays. There are inducements, elements, and methods, both natural, traditional, and unconventional that mothers have to decide on. There may be some confusion as to what hypnobirthing really is. Is it another method of birthing? Is it a way of relaxing while giving birth? Is hypnobirthing as safe as people say it is? In the simplest terms, hypnobirthing is a method tied with the natural childbirth process that focuses on pain management and relaxation via meditation or self-hypnosis. We present 10 things that people may not know, or understand completely, about hypnobirthing.

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10 Know everything about it

Hypnobirthing is not for everyone, reading just the benefits and advantages of hypnobirthing and deciding based on that information is not exactly what we would say a sound decision. It's not as simple as some people might have told us, or there are other intricate details that we have not been made aware of and that we might see as challenges or obstacles. Whether it's a physical or emotional concern, we would strongly suggest knowing everything there is to know about the science of hypnobirthing before deciding to do it. Read on and find out some things about hypnobirthing that you’ll know enough to ask about.

9 What is involved in hypnobirthing?

There are several methods and techniques involved in the whole process of hypnobirthing. This is why couples who decided on hypnobirthing take a course. It is not just an extensive course, it also requires logistics, a conducive environment and not just a simple labor room like in a hospital. 

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Hypnosis and deep relaxation is also learned and involved. Hypnobirthing also involves a very different approach to pain and feelings of fear and anxiety. All these factors play an important role in the birthing journey of the mother, and everything rests on their own, specific plan and not something that was laid out for them.

8 A state of mind more than anything

Most people, even our own moms, tell us how big a deal giving birth is. The pain, the duration, and just the whole experience can be harrowing, even if it's just from a listener's perspective. This is the norm, the expectation, that hypnobirthing is attempting to remove from the mother. All that suffering can theoretically be overcome with proper handling via mental preparation. 

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The state of mind of the mother is trained very early on, there are techniques that moms can do every day, to get to that level of calmness. The zen, some would say, where every contraction, can be controlled without shouting, cursing, and crushing a partner's hands.

7 It's not just a pain management method

Some people would explain hypnobirthing to be another method of managing pain, but it's not all that's involved. It's not like breathing exercises, how to properly push, how to lessen the pain of labor. Hypnobirthing is thinking outside the box, it doesn't see the pain the way it is contemporarily seen. 

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It doesn't deny it, it teaches the mother to embrace and accept pain. Hypnobirthing equips the mother with the proper tools to acknowledge the pain and welcome it. Deep meditation and an unconditionally calm state of mind, these are some of the methods moms learn and master throughout the whole process.

6 Hypnosis, not really what you think

Hypnosis is more than what most people think, it is a state of mind that can be achieved individually. The hypnosis we are talking about does not require a pocket watch, no finger-snapping, and most definitely no sleeping. Being hypnotized is not synonymous to falling asleep, it is a deep mental state that's almost like sleep. 

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In hypnobirthing, moms are trained to induce themselves into a state of relaxation in levels where they can still function with the surroundings but never letting go of that concentration that handles the pain that comes with labor and keeping that calmness all throughout the birthing process.

5 The fetus ejection reflex

The fetus ejection reflex is the ability of all mammals to give birth to their babies through the birth canal. Most mammals, like deer and sheep, give birth the same old way, humans are the only mammals who got smart and altered nature as we, sadly, often do.

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Before the hospitals and all the medical procedures revolving around pregnancy and birthing, the human race did it like any other mammal did. Hypnobirthing gets the mother in touch with her own strengths, the natural means of letting your baby into the world, via an undisturbed birthing procedure powered by confidence, calmness and free of fear and pain.

4 Getting a hold of fear

Hypnobirthing aims to control your emotions and get to the root of them all, fear. According to advocates, fear is that invisible force that makes a mom succumb to the pain of labor, but if that fear is kept in check, the whole experience can turn right around. The deep state of mind, relaxation, and hypnosis all work to control the pain and fear. 

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Not just that of the mother's, but the partner's, and all the people involved in the birthing team that the mother can see, hear and feel. All words that could be negatively interpreted are never uttered, only positive, encouraging and confident words remain.

3 The importance of the environment

Sight and smell trigger relaxation and can help with an easy birthing process. This is exactly the reason why the environment where the mother is going to give birth is as what she has requested it should be. Soothing scents from candles, music or whatever background audio calms her nerves. Hypnobirthing also teaches the partner massage techniques that help in relaxing the mother before labor.

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The lighting of the room and the number of people involved, plus the volume and pitch of their voices contribute to the environment. A mama dog does not just lie down wherever when she feels her babies coming, she finds a safe, quiet place for herself and gives birth as comfortable as she can. The objective is as simple as that.

2 You and your partner

Unlike birthing in hospitals, where the partner is responsible mainly for photo and video coverage and to throw in some comforting and encouraging words, and just really to be there as a spectator; the hypnobirthing partner carries a more important role. The expecting mother needs a partner in every sense of the word, it's a title never to be taken lightly when it comes to hypnobirthing. Firstly, the partner should know every step of the plan, what details are included in each step, and what their role is in each and every step. After everything, if they want, they could still hand out cigars to their friends.

1 Communication

The importance of your partner and their involvement is immediately tied with how the flow of communication is going to be with them. But communication in hypnobirthing is more involved, it is a relationship that started in pregnancy with the team that you've known for a while now and knows who you are and what to do even before you need it or ask for it. It's that building of trust that calms us, makes us confident, and eliminates unwanted elements in the whole birthing process. It may sound simple, but hypnobirthing is planned and exact. It takes a natural phenomenon and makes it the most "natural" experience in the world for the mom-to-be.

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