Husband's Viral Post Thanks Wife For All She Does After Sick Day

Moms are heroes. Everyone knows this, but a lot of the time, people forget. It's easy to take moms (and by extensions wives) for granted. Because they don't really think about everything that goes into the day-to-day of being a mom. But there's one dad out there who has finally realized that his wife is a superhero. With his wife sick, he became primary parent for several days. And the note he wrote his wife when it was over shows just how underappreciated moms really are.

Laura Mazza shared the letter on her blog page Mum on the Run. She was sick with a stomach flu and spent three days in bed. During that time, her husband had to do everything she normally does. And as he indicated in his note, he had no idea just what that would entail. Right off the bat, he realizes that he has underestimated just what Laura does to keep everything running.

"For 5 years you’ve never left the kids to cry. You never want them to be alone," he says. He adds that even if she starts in their bed, she inevitably ends up sleeping with their son Luca. Apparently after being kicked repeatedly by Luca, her husband realizes that sleeping next to your kiddo isn't a restful night of sleep. "How do you do that every night?" he asks.

Next, he laments the challenges of feeding kids. Even though he thought highly of his cooking skills, he admits they ate fast food pretty much every night. And by the end, there was nothing in the refrigerator even if he wanted to try cooking. Additionally he talks about the struggle of balancing three kids. One is flat out not listening, one "turned into the devil," and the other he describes as "super glue."

My husband has always been quite poetic and writes lovely things, always has, since we first started dating. He sent me...

Posted by Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run on Sunday, June 9, 2019

"At one point though I felt like it would have been easier to have gastro then try and clean with the kids and basically be you for a few days," he admits. Then comes this massive kernel of understanding. "I did that wild scream you did. I know where it comes from now."

In just 48 hours, this man's entire perspective on his wife completely changed. Even if only for a brief time, he got a taste of what motherhood is like every day. And the experience clearly opened his eyes a little more and gave him a new appreciation for all that she does. "You are a good mother my beautiful wife. Never doubt yourself," he writes in closing.

Now, if only more dads got on board, life would be very different!

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