Tomato Paste Recall Issued Due To Potential Mold Contamination

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It's time to check your pantry if you happen to have had tomato paste on your recent grocery shopping list. The latest common grocery store item to be affected by a food recall is Hunt's Tomato Paste. The parent company, Conagra, has issued a voluntary recall of the brand's tomato paste citing possible mold contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Conagra's voluntary recall of the “No Salt Added” six-ounce cans of Hunt's Tomato Paste stating the potential for mold in the final product happened after the canning process when it "could have been damaged."

The FDA also states that all products affected were sold in the United States and that anyone who suspects they may have a potentially infected item in their pantry should either throw it away or return it to the store where it was purchased. The agency warns that the affected tomato paste should not be consumed or used.

Credit: FDA

The products affected by the recall have a best before date of October 16, 2020, and contain the following codes and batch lots:

Item Description: HNT PSTE TOM NSA 12/6ZCase UPC: 00-0-27000-38809-9Item UPC: 00-0-27000-38807-5Case Batch/Lot Code: 5291902510Item Batch/Lot Code: 2105902510Best By Date: OCT 16 2020

The company also assured consumers that this is the only Conagra product that may have been potentially affected by the mold. Not only did Conagra issue the voluntary recall, but they also informed the FDA and are working to remove any of the product from store shelves to ensure it is no longer available for sale. Conagra said they became aware of the issue thanks to calls from consumers.

Credit: FDA

If you do happen to have any of this recalled product in your pantry and you have any questions for the company, you can contact Conagra Brands Consumer Care team at 1-800-280-0301, open 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday or visit https://www.hunts.com.

Tomato paste is one of those grocery store items that many people pick “just to have” so it's important you check your cupboards and pantry to make sure you don't have this particular product. And if you do, make sure you either throw it out or return it to your local grocery store.

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