Here's Everything Coming To Hulu In May For Kids

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Now that it's almost May, we are in the active race towards the end of the school year and summer vacation. But sometimes, we still need to kick back and watch TV with our kids.

If you have Hulu, chances are you know they have quite an extensive collection of quality content for kids. You can find shows and movies like Doc McStuffins and a lot of the shows from Cartoon Network like Teen Titans Go! and Steven Universe. And if your kiddos are fans of The Wiggles, you are in luck. As far as movies are concerned, they may not have a ton of the most recent popular kids films, but there are plenty of older movies that are nostalgic for us parents. And it's fun to share that with our kids.

For the 90s girls out there, Hulu is blessing us with a major gift. Three of the Olsen twins 90s movies are coming this month. Not only do we get to introduce our kids to these cinematic gems, we get to relive those simpler times in life when our biggest problem was telling them apart. For the record, that was a hard thing to do until maybe a few years ago. On May 1st, we get to enjoy Passport to Paris (swoon!), Billboard Dad (iconic) and Switching Goals (the original girls playing soccer movie.) Hopefully this means that we'll get more Olsen twins movies in the future (crosses fingers for New York Minute.)

Many of the family oriented fare coming to Hulu this month are animal oriented. So if your kiddo loves movies about animals, they will be in heaven. Larger Than Life is a comedy starring Bill Murray about a man who inherits the pet elephant of the dad he never knew existed. Spirit, which is an animated movie about a horse during the westward expansion in the United states. Your kids may watch Spirit Riding Free on Netflix. And Bernie the Dolphin is about a brother and sister who discover a badly sunburned dolphin who has been separated from his family and leads them to make some shocking discoveries.

Here are all the films coming to Hulu for kids in May.

May 1st


Larger Than Life


Star Kid

May 21st

Bernie the Dolphin

May 23rd

MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown: Special Part 2

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