Huggies Releases New 'Natural' And ‘Perfect’ Diaper

When we become parents, we're always seeking the best choices for our babies. Always. Many parents, for decades have turned to Huggies diapers for their little ones for how great they work through the night, when they're learning how to crawl and move, and most importantly - because they are very economical in price. However, as generations change, so do the things that we're looking for in products and for many parents seeking a more natural disposable diaper is at the top of their list. Thankfully, Huggies has jumped on board with a new product that's not only amazing for those little baby bottoms, but made from plant-based materials, too. They won't tell you when your kid's diaper needs changed, but they are equally awesome in different ways.

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Huggies new Special Delivery Diaper is honestly the best of both worlds for parents both new and seasoned. They offer a much for eco-friendly choice for parents as well as feeling great, too.

But it doesn't stop there. They are also free of parabens, fragrance, and elemental chlorine, and their plant-based materials are derived from sugarcane. They have also been dermatologist tested and clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. Many of these components are things parents are seeking more and more everyday, too. For all of these reasons, Huggies has coined these their "perfect diaper" and we are seeing why.

Like many, you are probably wondering about cost, and as you would imagine they are a little bit more expensive than your regular Huggies diapers. Right now, there is an Amazon listing for $24.99 per box, which remains the same across the board whether you are looking for size newborn (containing 66 diapers) or a size 1, which also contains 72 diapers per box. As with most brands, the number then decreases as the sizes get bigger.

One major difference between these and other similar plant-based brands is that they are not biodegradable. We know, kinda a let down, however in this situation, so many of the outstanding qualities really outweigh that one fact. And of course, there is a fresh cuteness factor added to these perfect diapers as there are so many swoon-worth designs to choose from that you might just let your babe run around wearing nothing else to show them off.

No pants and a perfect diaper? We are sold.

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