Your Lack Of Sleep Can Really Mess With Your Career Performance

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Ask any new parent, and they can tell you that sleep deprivation or irregular sleep habits can seriously affect how you function on a day to day basis. Even if you don't have a new baby in the house waking you up every hour, anyone who struggles to get a solid eight hours to sleep at night knows that it can have negative effects not only on health but on one's personal life too. A new study is showing that poor sleep habits or insufficient sleep can also affect work habits by negatively affecting productivity and has a big impact on work satisfaction.

A study of over 1000 people done by The Sleep Judge found that people who work in the retail and wholesale industry are the most dissatisfied with their sleep followed closely by those who work in transportation and then those who work in the medical field.

What some may find surprising is the study found that professionals who weren't happy with how much sleep or quality of sleep they were getting were more likely to be considering a new job. The study found that 4 in 10 people who were dissatisfied with their sleep, primarily among those who worked in retail and technology were on the hunt for a new job.

The study is quick to point out that those who have adequate time off work were less likely to be looking for a new job, suggesting that employers who want to retain quality employees should definitely be ensuring they have enough time off to recharge their batteries. "Among those who spent six or more workdays feeling tired each week, over half were looking for different work," the study reads.

It also seems that how well-rested employees are effects not only their personal job satisfaction but how they perceive the management at their jobs as well. Employees who reported feeling tired two days or less a week were far more inspired by company leadership that those who reported feeling tired more often.

It's also probably not that surprising that the higher an employee advances in their career, the greater the level of sleep satisfaction they reported. After all, a more junior person may suffer more anxiety and stress as they try to make a name for themselves in the workplace, where a higher level executive has more support and resources to help them do their job. Some may also suggest that being well rested makes you a better leader and hence more successful at your job, whereas those who suffer from poor sleep habits aren't able to be as successful in the workplace.

Seeing that sleep deprivation can not only affect your personal life but your professional life as well it's increasingly important that adults do their best to ensure they're getting adequate rest each night. If you find yourself struggling with getting the proper amount of rest each night, there are some strategies you can employ to help.

Psychology Today suggests that if you're having trouble falling asleep, you should limit screen time such as using your phone or watching television before bed and don't bring screens into your bedroom. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible with proper lighting and a nice cool temperature. Try to maintain a regular bedtime routine and even use meditation to help you relax before bed if necessary. Certain foods or drinks can also affect the quality of your sleep, so avoid those triggers before bed. Adults are quick to ensure their children are getting the right amount of sleep so they can be successful during the day, and now it's time they made sure they were doing the same.

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