Apparently We've Been Using Our Beautyblenders Wrong This Whole Time

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For those of us who wear makeup, we're always looking for ways to make applying it easier. When it comes to applying foundation, there is nothing quite like the Beautyblender. These little applicator sponges, which come in a variety of shapes and colors, have been a literal godsend since they arrived on the scene a few years ago. The Beautyblender has given us the chance to apply near flawless foundation, which can be so hard to do otherwise. But, if you've used the Beautyblender before, or currently use it, there's a chance you're using it wrong and didn't know it.

Anyone who has used the Beautyblender knows that before you use it to apply your foundation, you're supposed to wet it, but there's a chance you've flubbed the next step. And it's actually kind of a brilliant step. Talking to beauty site Byrdie, Make Up Forever director of education and artistry Lijha Stewart dropped this gem of knowledge. You should be putting your makeup primer on your sponge. Our minds are seriously blown over here!

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Normally, when you're putting on foundation, you use your fingers to apply primer to your entire face before using your Beautyblender to apply your foundation. It seems like an absurd idea to put primer on the sponge first, but when you listen to the explanation, it actually makes a lot of sense.

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Applying primer to the face sometimes creates a slippery surface for foundation application. Plus if you put the primer on the Beautyblender and then add your foundation, you're creating a smoother foundation application. And less makeup gets absorbed into the beauty blender itself! So really, this is a win/win plan all around.

It is so easy to get uneven foundation application, even if you're a makeup applying pro. Foundation is just fickle. Using the Beautyblender is a way to get around any sort of uneven application, but surely, by incorporating this primer trick, you will be getting the maximum benefits! But it's important to remember, if you're using the Beautyblender, before you add the primer or foundation, you must make sure your sponge is wet. A dry sponge will soak up all the product, which is a waste of perfectly good foundation and/or primer!

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