How To Safely Use Weed Killer When You Have Kids To Worry About

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If you're a fan of yard care, then chances are you've considered using weed killer before to help retain your lawns green luster. Many people long to have that bright green grass that's the stuff show homes are made of, although it can be incredibly difficult to achieve. Most of us have weeds, and lots of them, which can make it difficult to have a picture-perfect yard.

How do you safely use weed killer?

Although we might be wanting to get a nice green lawn with the use of weed killers, it's important to realize that they are usually full of chemicals, and therefore not super safe for people. This includes children, so it is important that you keep these products locked up and away from them. Additionally, it is imperative that you make sure they are well out of the way when you are using or applying these chemicals on your lawn.

According to Lawn Care Academy, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe. This includes reading labels, making sure you wear protective equipment, and only mixing what you need. Additionally, they note the importance of not using any items for these products anywhere else in your home (even when washed), and make sure you follow dilution instructions carefully.

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It's important to be extra sure that you keep all people, kids and pets away from the treated areas of your lawn for as long as the product specifies for safety. A nice lawn is not worth exposing yourself or your family to potentially toxic chemicals that could make them sick.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that you may be able to try and find a more natural solution to weeds. There are many reputable sites that have instructions or "recipes" for more natural herbicide solutions. For example, this post from HGTV has a simple 3 ingredient solution for weeds.

It is important to take care and make sure you are taking the necessary safety precautions when using any chemicals in your home. This includes any weed killer or herbicides.

Always make sure your products are locked up well, and that you are following the directions according to the label.

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