You Can Get A Disney+ Subscription For Just $4 A Month!

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Disney fans everywhere celebrated when they learned the House of Mouse would be launching their own streaming service this November. But with so many different streaming options available, many wondered if they could afford to add another. Disney clearly understands the need for affordable viewing options and has introduced a new offer that would allow customers a subscription to Disney+ for just $4 per month!

Disney+ will be launching in the United States (as well as Canada and the Netherlands) on November 12, for a regular monthly fee of $6.99. But Disney has just announced an offer, available only to those in the United States, that would see their new streaming service cost subscribers less than $4 a month.

You have until September 2nd to take advantage of Disney's “Founder’s Circle” deal. This deal will give you a $24 annual discount off the cost of your subscription if you commit to a three-year term. That's a savings of 33% off the standard annual price, totaling $140.97 over the three years, or just $3.92 a month. That's a pretty amazing price for all that Disney Plus is set to offer.

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The Founders Circle deal is available only to US residents and only to people who are active D23 members as of 11:59 p.m. PT on September 1. If you're not a D23 member, don't worry, it's totally free to join and once you do your link will become active within 24 hours to purchase the exclusive offer.

The offer was first offered at the recent D23 Expo but now it's open to anyone who is a member of D23. The company offered more information about how Disney Plus is going to work at their D23 Expo, CNet reports. All subscribers will have access to four simultaneous streams, and videos with 4K, UHD and High Dynamic Range picture quality. They will also allow for seven different user profiles so everyone in the family can have their own. Unlike Netflix, viewers won't be able to binge-watch their favorite shows. While Netflix releases all episodes in a series at the same time, Disney Plus will release their episodes of original programming weekly. 

If you were excited to try Disney+ but didn't want to commit to another monthly streaming service, this discount really does make it affordable. But act fast, because the offer is only around for a few more days!

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