10 Ways To Make A House Move With A Baby Easier

Moving homes is no easy adventure. And, when you happen to have a baby with you, it seems as though it takes more time and more energy to do so. Considering the amount of items a baby can have, the amount of times they must nap and rest and juggling their feeding schedules, moving with an infant in tow is incredibly difficult. Often, families re-locate when they expand their family, too, considering school districts, financial changes and new values when it comes to how they want their children and/or child to grow.

So, to make it easier on you, we have compiled 10 simple tricks to make moving with a baby easier on yourself. From time management to packing skills, we've unpacked the best time for you to have a smoother move with a baby.

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It's important be able to put your foot down as a parent and home owner as to what and what you can not do. When you soon realize what is possible and what is not, it's easier to delegate a task to another individual.

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It's actually quite important when you're trying to manage taking care of a baby while you're relocating homes. So, do the best you can to direct your helps as much as you can. It's ok, do not feel guilty. You must delegate when and how you can.


When you're preparing for a big move, it's important to be prepared. You must think realistically: it may not be feasible or reasonable to do this on your own. Whether you have a partner's help or not, it's a very big job to move homes while caring for an infant. Even if you are downsizing and don't have many things, it's important to consider your time frame for the move out and move in, and consider where the child will be while you move. In this case, it's completely ok to hire or ask for some extra helping hands.


Many people pack up their moving boxes and label them by item. This may not be a bad idea in theory; however, when you end up bringing the boxes in the home, you may be confused as to where they will go. You may feel a bit overwhelmed in your new space, and it's important to be a clear headed and organized when you decide to unpack.

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Because of this, it's a great idea to label the boxes with which room they will be placed in. One step at a time, and when you're moving with a baby, you must be a simple as you can.


While you pack up your home for a move, often you come across items that you no longer use or that simply do not serve you purpose. One's trash is another's treasure is a common quote heard by many. And, it's so very true. Moving with a baby gives you the opportunity to see items that your child and/or child has grown out of. This way, you can simply donate the item for another family to use. It will feel great to consider how many people could benefit from the items you no longer need.


This is a great tip to "let it all go" when you decide to move with a baby. It will not (likely not) go as planned. And, that's ok.

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Most things, with babies, do not go as seamlessly as they were expected to. Parenthood is a very humbling experience; moving with children is quite adventurous- to put it positively. If you go into the experience with an open mind and and patient heart, you will come out alive, and well. We assure you. Just keep in mind not to have a very scheduled day; it may not go as perfectly as planned.


This one is kind of a no-brainer. The first room that should be unpacked is the playroom, along with the washroom with the potty unboxed, as well. Essentially, you want any distraction possible unpacked so the adults to tend to the remaining of the home. As long as your toddler has items to occupy them while the moving commences, they will get to know their new space while enjoying their comforting toys. It's a win-win.


It's ok to rely on screen time for these wild moments and memories. Sometimes as parents/guardians, we just have to do what we have to do. While moving, there may be moments where you seriously want to avoid a tantrum at all means. You may not have the patients or energy during this big move to calm your child the best you can, so you pull out the tablet. Or, better yet you have your television provider already set up for your child to binge watch their favourite cartoon while you assist in getting the furniture done up.


Walking is a great stress reliever. And, it's a great excuse to get away from the chaos. During moves, your life may seem a big all over the place.

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It's important to be able to walk away, explore your new neighbourhood and allow your child to get some fresh, new views, too. Go for a walk when you decide to move with a baby to ensure you're having some "downtime" physically and mentally.


When you move with a baby, it's important not to loose sight over the child. We are only human, and it's hard to move a ton of boxes, ensure they're going in the right spots and rooms while keeping an eye on  a busy and curious toddler. If you happen to have to use the washroom, go into the next room for one second or run outside, tap an adult on the shoulder and let them know they're "tapped in" to watch the toddler. Once you return, they can tap you back in. Have this rule circulating so an adult is constantly tapped in.


If all else fails- do not feel like a failure yourself if you do not want to move while you're in care of your baby. If possible, hire movers to take care of the entire process. If it's not in budget, considering paying your best friends in pizza and beer for helping your partner or friend with the big move. Either stay with friends or family until at least two necessary rooms are completely unpacked and safe for baby's arrival. Again, we have to do what we have to do- and if that means not being as big of a help as you intended during your relocation, then so be it. Oh, and congratulations on your new home!

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