Mom Shares Hack To Ensure Child Is Prepared For When Their First Period Hits

Every person who has menstruated knows that periods can be unpredictable, but even more so when you're young. Young kids are getting their periods as young as elementary school, and with kids heading back to school it's important that they are prepared should they get their period during the school day. No one wants their kid to be embarrassed or unprepared while at school, and one woman shared her genius hack to make sure every child is ready if their period surprised them while at school.

A woman by the name of Shannon Glass recently shared her tips for ensuring that all kids are prepared if they get their period — especially their first period — while at school. "Moms of preteens/teens, don’t let them be empty-handed when they inevitably start their cycle during middle school. (Some even start in elementary!) I have no clue when Danica will start but I’m making sure she’s prepared," she wrote before displaying a picture of a "period bag" she created for her own daughter. "Old Ipsy bag with flushable wipes, teen pads and a change of undies," she captioned the picture. "I’ll also add in a sandwich bag for dirty undies as well!"

She went on to add that she is going to keep a pair of plain black leggings in her daughter's locker or backpack should she need them in the case of an unexpected leak.

Moms of preteens/teens, don’t let them be empty handed when they inevitably start their cycle during middle school....

Posted by Shannon Glass on Sunday, August 11, 2019

It's such a simple idea but one that could make all the difference between a young kid coming home embarrassed or one where they're prepared should they be surprised by a period during the school day. The post has since gone viral and commenters are applauding the mom's genius idea.

"Great idea! I have heard stories of young girls starting at school and not prepared. Good thinking mama!!" wrote one commenter. One teacher thought it was a great idea, mentioning she has had some very young students start their periods at school. "I had 5th graders who had started. I kept pads in my desk for emergencies."

Thanks to how many times Glass's post has been shared, she revealed that she and her daughter want to start making kits to donate as well. "Danica wants to make more to donate to her school and the high school as well now," she wrote in the comment section. "If anyone has Ipsy bags they do not need or wants to donate brand new undies in various teen sizes, teen pads, and tampons, and feminine/flushable wipes, please let us know!"

Getting your period can be uncomfortable and traumatic if you're not prepared, so it's not only awesome that this mom is making sure her daughter has all the items needed for when the time comes, but that she's openly talking with her daughter about her period.

Kids need to know what is going on with their bodies and having open and honest conversations about periods isn't just a way to educate young kids about how their bodies will change, it lets them know that it's completely normal and that sometimes, leaks happen too. This is such a great way to make sure every person is prepared should they get their period while at school.

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