Mom’s Trick To Getting Her Teen Son To Shower Is A Genius Plan

Moms of teens know that it's not easy keeping up with their constantly changing bodies. There are the growth spurts, the constant eating and the physical changes that come with growing up and hitting puberty. Puberty — and everything that comes with it — means that kids need to adopt new hygiene practices that perhaps weren't as strict before puberty, especially when mom and dad were helping out. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes drastic measures for kids to realize the importance of proper hygiene, but one mom's plan to make sure her son was showering on the regular and brushing his teeth twice a day was nothing short of genius.

One mom posted to Reddit to ask for advice about her 14-year-old son whom she admitted had "poor hygiene skills." She wrote that "he won't brush his teeth, take a shower, wear clean clothes, clean his room, or use deodorant without being nagged asked to do those things." She wrote that he has bad body odor and that his hair is "so greasy it looks wet!!!" She said that he doesn't brush his teeth so his breath is awful and he often just puts on dirty clothes that he finds on his messy bedroom floor. She asked the Reddit community for advice after stating that in addition to speaking about his hygiene to her son directly, his dad, his doctor and his school nurse have also all spoken to him.

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After reading through the comments the mom provided a follow-up post about exactly how she got her teen son to take his hygiene seriously, and it's pretty genius. "What I did to get my son to have better hygiene was to change the WiFi password every day, and have him earn each day's password by doing his necessary hygiene chores (shower, brush teeth, use deodorant, take clothes to the laundry, clean room)," she wrote, before explaining what would happen if he didn't follow the rules. "If he complains or stalls, he will lose the day's password but still have to do the hygiene chores today to get tomorrow's password, or else he will lose wifi tomorrow."

Credit: Reddit / terriblehygiene

Sounds like a pretty solid plan actually. She said that she basically explained to her son that his poor hygiene was affecting everyone he was in contact with and that although he "rolled his eyes" a few times while she was explaining the new rules, things have been going ok. "So far, he's been doing his hygiene tasks all the time without being prompted, and only complained once. I also put a note on his computer that said "No hygiene, no wifi!""

She went on to thank all the commenters for their advice and added that for any parent in the same boat, making kids earn their privileges by maintaining healthy hygiene has worked.

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