Woman Reveals Genius Hack To Get Sand Off Your Feet

A genius mom has found the way to quickly and easily get all of the sand off your kids' feet. Why didn't we think of this one before? After a long day at the beach, parents everywhere face the frustration of finding sand everywhere. Whether we're vacuuming it out of the car or in distress over a sand-plugged shower train, these tiny grains seem like they're here to stay. However, a Mumsnet mom has revealed a secret that will change all of that.

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According to the article, baby powder or cornstarch will magically unstick the sand from your children's feet, leaving them clean and smooth before getting into the car.

How does this happen? It's not actually magic, but simple science. Baby powder dries the skin. Sand sticks to wet surfaces. Once the moisture is gone, it'll slide right off.

Before you stop reading and rush off to the drugstore for baby powder, there is something important you need to know. Not all types of baby powder are safe. Talcum powder, the most common type, is no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Talc has been shown to pose several dangers to mothers and babies. The biggest concern is its probable link to cervical cancer.

The AAP actually emphasizes to parents that baby powder is not needed at all for its traditional purpose of drying a baby's bottom. Instead, they suggest blotting with a clean towel and only using wet wipes when changing a dirty diaper.

When it comes to the sand trick, corn starch powder will work just as well as any baby powder. Baby powder manufacturers usually sell a cornstarch-only variety that you can purchase at any major drugstore. However, you may as well just buy cornstarch from your local grocery store. It is the same product, and it probably costs less.

A day at the beach is always enjoyable, and with this trick, the ride home can be as well!

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