Hair Stylist Turns Toddler's Unfortunate Haircut Accident Into The Perfect Cut

This one toddler got a hold of scissors, cut their own hair, made it a disaster, only then for a hair dresser to work literal magic. If there's one thing you can pretty much bet on as a parent, it's that your kid is going to give themselves a haircut at some point during their childhood. It's like a child right of passage! No matter how many times we explain to them that scissors aren't for cutting hair, the little darlings are all about pushing boundaries and trying new things, and one of those things is going to be a self-imposed hatchet job on their head. Some kids start off by testing the waters and cutting their doll's hair. Some kids are smart enough to mangle someone else's hair, and turn into a stylist for their friend or sibling. And other kids just go HAM on their own locks.

If you're lucky, they just get a little bit at the bottom, or right in the front where it can be hidden with some cute bangs. But if you're the rest of us, your kid goes big the first time they decide to cut their own hair, and you're left trying to make lemonade out of the sourest, most uneven lemons you've ever seen in your life. We sympathize, TRUST US. And our only bit of advice (aside from hiding all the scissors) is this: get you a stylist who can make magic out of even the worst homemade haircuts.

Jen Bullock, a hair stylist in Arizona, shared some pretty amazing before and after photos of an adorable client. We aren't sure what the backstory is here, but we imagine it involved a pretty decent pair of shears or possibly a set of electric clippers.

Image: Facebook/Jen Bullock

That is ... something. Like we said, we aren't sure exactly what happened to this cutie's hair. But at first glance, it looks like she went one-on-one with Edward Scissorhands and did not emerge victorious. How do you even fix that?! Check this out.

Image: Facebook/Jen Bullock

So first of all, you gotta even it out. Even though it was entirely NOT close to being even. Jen used a technique common with men's haircuts - the fade! She cut the hair close to the scalp in a geometric pattern to create this cool leveled look. But the final product is even more amazing.

Image: Facebook/Jen Bullock

She left the other side long, so this kiddo could rock what is, without question, one of the coolest haircuts we've ever seen. See?! A good stylist can really save the day! Hair is hair, and it'll grow back, so it's not a terribly serious thing to lose sleep over. But if your kid is going to hack away at their own hair, hopefully they do so in a way a stylist can salvage it and turn it into a masterpiece.

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