How To Fix Slime That Is Too Chunky

chunky slime

Chances are if you're a mom to a kid over the age of one and a half, you've had some sort of encounter with slime. It is almost unavoidable; there are entire YouTube videos dedicated to playing with it. Kids are making social media accounts just to have a place to share their slime making videos. You have to be very strong willed to keep your kids away from the temptation that is slime. One of the only benefits to slime? You can make your own at home. It's cost effective, especially if you have a kid who really likes slime. But like every craft project, slime can go awry. And if it does, there are plenty of ways to fix it.

One of the biggest slime related mishaps is that it becomes chunky. There are several reasons why this could have happened. Most likely, it is that you didn't properly mix the ingredients. That's the thing about slime, the recipes are very precise, and you have to follow them perfectly. Even the slightest off measurement, or going out of order with your steps can result in less than perfect slime.

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If your slime becomes chunky, chances are you were using too much liquid starch. You will be able to see the separation between the glue and the starch. So, according to Asia Citro of Fun At Home With Kids, you need to add more glue! You will need clear glue. First, pour off any excess liquid starch. Then in 1/4 cup increments, add the glue. You will need to stir it. Once it's holding together, you no longer need to stir, but to knead it by hand. After kneading the slime for approximately 2-3 minutes, it should be good as new! Citro says that it will be even better if left in a plastic bag overnight.

If your slime is too stringy, chances are it's too dry. That means it needs more liquid starch. Citro recommends stirring in a tablespoon of starch at a time until you can lift most of the slime out of whatever container it's in and it's not coming out stringy. After a few minutes of kneading, it should be good as new!

If it all seems like too much work (and frankly, it might be) you can always just start over from scratch. And if it's all too overwhelming, you can always get one of these handy little "make your own slime" kits on Amazon. This way, all of the guesswork is done for you! Good luck with your slime filled summer!

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