10 Ways To Balance Work & Home Life Better

Whether you're a stay-at-home-parent or leave the home for work, it can be incredibly difficult to try and 'have it all'. Balancing a career, personal life and motherhood/parenthood can be incredibly challenging. Not only is it near impossible to find enough time in the day to make some moments for yourself, but children are quite demanding. Work is quite demanding. Goodness, life is demanding. So, in order to balance your home life and work life a little easier, we've collected 10 tips and tricks to do so. It won't be easy, but something's gotta give. Read ahead for some inspiration.


Ensuring that you do not forget about your partner and/or spouse is crucial to balancing your work and home life. Whether you're in a relationship or casually dating, it's important to carve out some time (whether on weekends or week nights) for that special someone. It will allow you to mentally separate work from home life, and it will allow you to bring joy in the most simple ways. Don't forget date night. It's crucial to a happy and healthy balance.


It's a great idea to book a class, whether it's a workout class or hobby you've recently picked up. Ensuring you have some solid you-time for your physical and/or mental health is incredibly important. Ensuring that you have some time to dedicate to a practice during a busy week is a great way to separate and balance out work life from home life.

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Even if this means inviting a family member to join you on your hour a week (at least), it's a great way to balance your lifestyle in more ways than one.


Ensuring that you plan ahead can make or break a hectic schedule. Yes, lives get busy. Balancing your children's schedules, potentially your partners/spouses along with your own can feel like a job in itself. To make your life a bit more balanced, make sure you plan ahead. Keeping a calendar in sight or note book at arm's reach can be crucial to a good worklife/homelife balance.


When we talk about balancing work life and home life, it's important to make sure you're making time for family and friends. When you make a play date plan with your kid's friend after school, don't bail because you're too tired. We mean: if you're exhausted and have a really early morning the next day, by all means; reschedule. But, if you're trying to make an excuse to get out of your plan- don't. Follow through and ensure you do not become that flakey parent everyone dreads.


Individuals thrive off schedule- especially young children. Despite your children/child's age, they will appreciate a good routine. This can make or break a good work and home life balance, even for the kids.

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Just by simply ensuring meal time is the same time every day can help make other plans go smoothly. Though soccer practice may change its time once in a blue moon, make sure you're on a good routine but easily adaptable if things change. You're a parent, so change shouldn't be too much of a shock to your system at this point.


We can't do it all, and it's ok if you don't have the energy or drive to prepare every single dinner every single night. Everyone has a busy schedule. Even your young child who attends two after school classes a week. So, don't be too hard on yourself. You're trying to manage a lot as a parent, so remember it's totally ok to take out at least once a week in order to balance your life out the best you can. Do what's right for you. Whether that means takeout once or twice a week. Everyone's different.


Scheduling out at least one day a week solely for your family is an incredibly important way to bond after a busy week. Whether this means cooking a  meal in the kitchen all together or going out running errands, ensuring you have a day spent all together is vital.

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Family days can be a great way to separate work from home life. It's a great reminder why we work so hard to provide for our families.


It's easier said than done. Considering a lot of work, in general, can be accomplished through the tips of our fingers now-a-days, it's hard to put our phones down. We live in a day and age where we want instant gratification. Whether that's through an Instagram like or quick response to a friend's text, putting our phones down to enjoy the moments can be hard. But, it's a great tip to keep your phone down when you're home with your family- even if that clingy client won't stop ringing you after hours.


Rather than trying to manage your time efficiently while at work and balancing your energy while home, why not try and combine the two when it's feasible? If you're simply nursing your child while they go down for their nap, pick up your phone and answer the e-mails that you can. If you're at work and need to make a phone call to speak to your daughter before she goes to bed, by all means. It's ok to mix the two in order to achieve a good work and home life balance.


In contrast, it can actually benefit the working parent if you completely separate work from home in order to achieve a perfect balance. As noted from before, every family dynamic is incredibly different. So, we suggest trying what's best for you in order to achieve a healthy and happy balance between work and home life. It may take effort and practice, but if you're determined enough you will achieve your goals. Not just for you, but for your family, too.

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