This Video Points Out How Much Parenting Has Changed Since The '80s

A hilarious video sums up the difference between parenting in the 80's and parenting now. We are cracking up because it is just so on point. Moms today have so many more concerns than our own mother did back when they were raising us. Summertime meant school was out and we should stay outdoors--and leave our mothers alone.

Parenting today is so much different. Between sunscreen, pool safety, and screen time, everything is full of limits. And everything seems to require intense supervision. Even the screen time limits insist that parents co-view programs with our children and have meaningful discussions about their content. In the '80s? Not so much. The TV was to keep kids quiet, but it was better if they would just get out of the house and go do something.

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Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate recently shared a video comparing moms parenting in the summer in the '80s versus today. In the clip, Masony plays the 80's mom while Tiffany Jenkins of  Juggling the Jenkins portrays today's mom.

Masony spends the whole film sun tanning by the pool while facing away from the kids. She repeatedly shooes them off, tossing sugar-filled snacks at them. In contrast, Jenkins continues to call her children over to her and warn them about various dangers. She tries to get them to meditate with her and offers them essential oils. Snacktime at Jenkin's place is hummus and ostrich milk (which, by the way, does not exist).

1980's Mom Vs. 2019 Mom: Summer Edition

How is your summer going? I had a blast creating this video with my friend Tiffany from Juggling The Jenkins Are you more of a 1980's Mom, 2019 Mom, or a delightful mix of both?

Posted by That's Inappropriate on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The video went viral right away. It has already been viewed 6.4 million times and shared 16,685 times, and counting. It is obvious that moms can relate to these exaggerated (hopefully!) portrayals of parenting in different generations. Most moms today remember their own mothers acting like Masony's character, and wonder how they survived.

Despite their extreme differences, the clip ends with both moms reminding their kids to shut the front door after they leave. Apparently, some parts of parenting do not ever change.

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