Paul Rudd Is 50 Years Old Now, But No One Believes Him

When it comes to celebrities, we all have our favs. Maybe you love someone because of their body of work, or the work they do with social justice. Maybe you love their style, or the presence they have on social media (looking at you, Chrissy Teigen!) We all have our reasons for why we love who we love. But let's be honest: Paul Rudd is 100% on ALL of our laminated lists. That man is ... well, he's special. He's an amazing actor. He's funny. And he is fine AF. Who didn't fall in love with Paul in Clueless?! And then fall in love again in literally every single movie he was in since? You never hear a bad word about him, either. He's just perfect. It also happens to be his birthday!

Now, looking at Paul, you'd think maybe he's celebrating turning 35, AT THE MOST. He still has the same baby face as he did when he wooed Cher all those years ago. So, it may come as a shock to learn that our dear Paul Rudd just turn 50. FIFTY. Nothing in this world makes sense. If this knocked you on your butt, you're not alone - no one else can believe it either.

Paul Rudd turned the big 5-0 on April 6. And no, that's not in dog years. That's in actual human years. People were completely floored by this little tidbit, considering Paul doesn't look like he's aged a day over 29.

Like, we're sorry. LOOK AT THAT MAN. He makes any age look good, but he's out here making 50 look like the damn Fountain of Youth.

So many people did the mental math today to figure out how in the world this was actually possible. How do we look a year older from Friday to Sunday, yet Paul Rudd looks like this at 50?

This is the only explanation. Vampires walk among us, and Paul Rudd is one of them. He doesn't age, it's possible he doesn't have a reflection, we hope he sustains himself on something other than human blood, but that would actually make a lot of sense. Happy Birthday, Paul Rudd! Thanks for making us all feel every bit of our age today.

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