How Much Time Does A Dishwasher Save You?

If you hate being stuck at the sink with your hands in the suds, you have probably dreamed about installing a dishwasher. But how much time will this modern appliance really save you? As it turns out, kind of a lot.

Washing dishes is part of life unless you have a maid or eat out daily. Most of us don't have the means for that level of help or that many restaurant bills, so we are at home scrubbing pots, pans, plates, and forks. Some people love to do the dishes, while others cannot stand it. Those who despise washing, rinsing, drying, and putting away dishware, cookware, and cutlery either put it off until the sink is full or just clench their teeth and get it done after each meal.

Unless, of course, they own a dishwasher.

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A dishwasher cuts down significantly on the time it takes to do the dishes. For the average family eating two or three meals per day at home, the whole process of washing dishes by hand might take anywhere from twenty to forty minutes per day. That includes scraping plates, rinsing, washing, setting out to dry, and the time it takes to put the dishes away once they are dry.

If you have a dishwasher, total time you have actively do something is anywhere from five to fifteen minutes per day. Here is all you'd need to do: scrape and maybe rinse the dishes (many newer dishwashers do not require you to rinse dishes before loading them), and load them in the dishwasher. You could do that after each meal, and it could take about one to three minutes each time.

At the end of the day, you pour in the dishwashing detergent, which takes about five seconds. Close the door and turn it on (one to three seconds).

Let your dishwasher do it's thing while you relax! Once the dishes dry, you can take them out and reshelve them! Some families even leave the basic dishes in the washer at all times, cutting down on time putting them away.

Dishwashers also get your dishes much, much cleaner than handwashing. Their super-hot temperatures kill germs, where handwashing does not. On the flip side, people with dishwashers tend to have less immunity because they are exposed to fewer germs.

Regardless, they certainly save time!

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