How Long Can You Expect A Vacuum Cleaner To Last?

Vacuum cleaners are one of those household items that we tend to take for granted. They aren't glamorous, but you certainly notice when yours dies and you are left without one!

But how long are vacuum cleaners supposed to last, anyways? Well, according to Consumer Reports, this varies depending on the type of vacuum, how it is maintained, and whether the owner has exhausted all efforts trying to fix small issues themselves. They report that a survey they conducted showed that 8 years was the median time respondents had a vacuum keep on ticking for. They found that certain brands are more reliable than others (for example Shark and Miele), and that if you properly keep your vacuum clean and clog-free, then you will have a better result when it comes to your machine's lifespan.

Reliable Brands

According to Clean That Floor, there are a few different brands of vacuum that are known for having a longer life. Knowing which brands are more reliable can help you choose the right one, and ultimately end up having a vacuum that will last you longer.

Miele is one brand that they found can last up to 20 years, however it has a higher pricce point. This is similarly true for Dyson vacuums, a brand that is known for being very good, but expensive.

They listed Shark as being a good brand for an affordable upright vacuum. Hoover also made their list for good vacuums with longevity.

The type of vacuum you choose also depends on the type of flooring you have. If you are looking for types of vacuums that are effective on hardwood floors.

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Maintaining Your Vacuum

One of the most important aspects to making sure you get the most out of your vacuum's lifespan is proper maintenance. This involves things like cleaning the canisters, making sure there are not hairs and strings caught up in the rollers, and ensuring that any filters or belts are replaced and cleaned regularly. This is probably the area in which most of us fall short when it comes to making sure our vacuums are in good working condition. Even just taking a bit of time to service and clean your vacuum can help it's lifespan and efficiency immensely.

How to Know Whether Your Vacuum Needs Replacing

Generally, the first sign that your vacuum is having trouble is that it looses suction. Instead of just scrapping it, this is a good time to look at whether it has any parts that need fixing or replacing. You can try and give your vacuum a thorough cleaning and see if there is anything that needs maintenance. Should that fail and your vacuum still suck (or not suck in this case!) then it may be time to look at a new vacuum.

If you replace your vacuum, remember to keep all these factors in mind when you are choosing a new one.

Vacuums aren't glamorous, however they play a key role for keeping your house looking great, so it's important to have one that is reliable and does the job well.

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