Places Offering Free Housing For Families Fleeing Hurricane Florence


One of the last things that we ever want to face is a natural disaster that would make us flee our homes. It's scary to think about and can cause even more panic to actually need to plan for. With Hurricane Florance expecting to not only bring strong winds but extreme floods to the Carolinas, many areas have been under a mandatory evacuation, causing many locals to seek shelter. The storm is expected to hit land on September 13th or 14th.

If you live in one of the affected areas or have family and friends there, many are probably searching frantically for a place to bring themselves and all of their belongings. Fortunately, there are some wonderful establishments that are helping people out with either discounted or free lodging during this period of time. Here are the places where that will be available.

First, Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City is opening their doors to anyone who had been impacted by the storm and is also are invited to stay for free as long as rooms are available. The owner of this hotel is just asking that people show proof that they are from the areas impacted by the storm and they are free to stay.

AirBnb is offering an Open Homes Program which has actually been in action since Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. The website lists places that are providing free places to stay as well as vacant properties and homes. People magazine shared that as of September 12th,  350 Airbnb hosts had already opened their homes to people fleeing the storms. Many homes within this community are offering places to stay for $0.

Many local hotels are also offering rooms for major discounts such as rooms as low as $43.99 a night and discount on attractions in those local areas, too. Lastly, CNN shared that there are also many campgrounds such as the Atlanta Motor Speedway and the Charlotte Motor Speedway if families are able to bring camping equipment with them.

It's wonderful to see so many businesses come together to help those in need during this time when so many people are unsure of where they will be sleeping tonight. We hope that everyone stays safe!

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