10 Household Essentials You Should Change Every Season

Running a house is hard, and if you work and take care of kids on top of that it can be easy for you to forget to change out things around your house when they need to be changed. But there are a few items that you are going to need to change in your house with the season. Some items might be ones that you have done in the past, while others are new ones to add to your list. Or if this is your first time running a house this article is great for you to reference when seasonal cleaning happens. So keep reading to discover ten household essentials you need to change in your house every season!

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10 Seasonal Decor

Okay, this might not be an essential thing for everyone, but there are some people out there that love and need to change out their seasonal decor. Some of the best items for you to change out around your house to decorate for the appropriate season are kitchenware, decorative pillows, little figurines, placemats, and anything else you have that is season based.

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We know that just changing up a few items in your house can make your home feel new again and create a new positive environment for you and your family.

9 Clean Out The Fridge

No matter how many times you glance in the fridge to do a quick cleaning of it, some food always gets past us and ends up getting stuck at the bottom of it. This is why you need to do a deep cleaning of your fridge and freezer every season. Cleaning out your refrigerator is a great way to see what you have that is expired and needs to be tossed or what is going to go bad soon and need to be used up! Even for your freezer you, might have forgotten about items that you placed in there!

8 Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponges are great. It's an item you use every day to clean off plates and cups that your family used for their meals. But since this is an item you use every day you need to replace them every season. 

Sponges are supposed to get wet before you clean anything off, but because of the moisture in the sponge, bacteria is going to be something that is going to be growing in the sponge even if you rinse them off after cleaning. Protect your family from germs and replace your kitchen sponge every season.

7 Dog Or Cat Beds

Animals are truly man's best friend and if you are anything like me, you love to spoil them. So if you have bought your dogs or cats animal beds for them to relax in and sit on, you are going to want to change them out every season. Since our pets cannot wash their paws or take showers like us they are constantly tracking new things in and out of the house. With the build-up of things they bring inside, and their own drool, and fur their beds can get dirty quickly!

6 Area Rugs

Area rugs are great, they can add color to a room and provide comfort when you walk on them. But they are also an item you need to replace every season. Since you and your family walk on the area rugs every day you need to change them out. 

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These rugs are covered in dirt and bacteria from you, your family, pets, and anyone else who came over and walked on them. You could have spilled something on it, someone could have tracked dirt and who knows what else on their shoes. Of course, this doesn't mean you need to toss them, just to give them a good deep clean.

5 Overused Stuffed Animals

This one is going to be a tough one to talk your kids into, but if they have any old, overused stuffed animals they need to toss them. We do understand that there are going to be some stuffed animals that they are going to want to save and keep forever, but the ones that they do not have a strong emotional attachment needs to be replaced with new ones. Stuffed animals go everywhere with kids. They sleep in the same bed together, they go to the grocery store, to grandma's house, even with them into the bathroom and with all of these places there are germs that the stuffed animals pick up. So invest in a new stuffed animal for your little one and make sure to dispose of the other ones.

4 Towels

Bath towels are great since they are used to dry you and your kids off after showers and baths that you can reuse all day long. But bath, face, and hand towels all need to get replaced every season. 

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These household items are not something you would even consider getting rid of, but since they are used every day by different family members there is only so much that washing can do to get rid of any germs. Make sure to protect your family and swap out your old towels for some new ones!

3 Cleaning Mops And Brooms

Anything that you use repeatedly to clean your house you need to get rid of every few months. That means mops, brooms, or even reusable paper towels and anything else you use over and over again to clean up everyday spills and messes need to be tossed every season. So go and you need to buy fresh, new, clean ones for your house. Using the same cleaning supplies over and over again is not good for you and your family and will eventually get to a point where you are not really cleaning anything, but you are just spreading around germs. So make sure you are actually cleaning your house with new mops and brooms.

2 Pillows

Pillows are something that you are going to want to change out for new ones every season. Even though you might not realize it your pillow is filled with germs. You use your pillow every night, you might drool, cough, or even sneeze on it or near it getting germs in it that are sinking into the pillow deeper and deeper. 

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If you have any animals their dirt and fur can also get stuck to the pillows if you allow your animals on the bed. Let yourself get a good night's rest with brand new pillows for you and your family.

1 Toothbrush

Something you might not even think about changing out every season are toothbrushes. This is an object in your life that you use every day, multiple times a day. Your toothbrush is a tool to use to clean your teeth and even if you rinse it after using it, you will never fully be able to get all of the bacteria off it. That is why you must replace your and your family's toothbrush every season and not just when you get a new one at the dentist.

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