Mattel Toys Set To Release 'Hot Wheels The Movie'

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Hot Wheels are one of those toys that really stands the test of time. We all played with them. Heck, even some our parents might have played with them! And now our kids collect and play with the little toy cars. They're one of the few toys on the market that really encourage imaginative play. They don't make noise or talk or have any sort of remote control or technical component. They're just small die-cast cars, of all makes and models, that require kids to use their brains to create games and scenarios to keep themselves entertained. Plus, they can also build some pretty sweet tracks and have Hot Wheels races for hours! If you still have your own collection of Hot Wheels hidden away somewhere, or have kids who are new to the Hot Wheels craze, this news is going to make you very happy. Mattel has announced plans to turn Hot Wheels into a live-action movie, and we can already hear the squealing rubber.

Hot Wheels are still incredibly popular; over six billion miniature cars have been sold since they came out in 1968, and every year they're one of the top-selling toys all over the world. So a movie seems like the next logical choice! We don't have many details as of yet. No plot line, cast information, production schedule, or release date has been announced. We don't even know if the Hot Wheels themselves will have human characteristics or if they'll even talk. But we're sure no matter which direction they take the movie, fans of the cars will be revving their engines to see it when it comes out.

Movies based on toys have gotten pretty popular as of late. It's not a new concept - Trolls, the LEGO movies, the Barbie movies, and even movies like Jumanji and Clue all developed from a toy or game. And the Hot Wheels movie won't be the only toy-based movie we have to look forward to, either. Playmobil: The Movie comes out later this year, as does UglyDolls. Mattel is also working on a live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie, and Kevin Hart is slated to star in a movie based on the popular game Monopoly. Sounds like our playrooms are coming to life, and coming to a theater near you!

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