Tips For Hosting Christmas With A Big Family

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Nothing says spending time with family like the holidays. With Christmas coming up, you need to start planning on how you are hosting this event. Hosting Christmas is a lot different than most holidays. There is so much more to do and more family is expected to show since it is the end of the year and the holiday season.

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If you are hosting Christmas this year, you need to keep reading to discover ten tips for hosting Christmas with a big family.

10 Play Christmas Movies On TV

Typically when you are hosting Christmas for a big family, you are going to have a lot of people ranging from different ages at your house. From young kids, teens, adults, and older family members, you want to make sure that everyone is going to enjoy themselves.

One of the best ways to do that is by putting on a Christmas movie. There are so many wonderful Christmas movies, both new and classic, that you can line them up and play them on a TV so the kids and anyone else who wants to can relax and watch.

9 Clear Space In Your House

Having a big family over for Christmas means you are going to have to do more than just clean your house. You are going to want to clear off space around the house for family members can sit, chat, and eat.

This means putting away big toys your kids might have in the living room into their bedroom and pulling out extra chairs and tables out of storage. And make sure you use every room you have. People can relax in the kitchen, living room, den, and even the muck room if you have a lot of kids coming.

8 Don’t Use The Good Dishware

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You might feel like since Christmas is a special holiday that you should get out your good dishware to use with your family. Even though this is a sweet thought, big families are messy, and if there are going to be a lot of kids, you better stick with plasticware instead.

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Using plastic cups and plates not only saves you time cleaning up since you don't have as many dishes to wash, but if anything drops on the ground, you do not have to worry about your nice dishware breaking.

7 Accept Any Help

Hosting any party can feel overwhelming at times, so if anyone asks to help you with your party-accept it! This can be a family member wanting to know if they can bring a dish to your party, if they can help set up early, or even help you clean up.

Your family is asking to help you because they love you and want to ease your workload, so don’t feel bad for saying yes. You will see that if you accept help, things are going to get done faster with more hands and people.

6 Make Fan-Favorite Food

Being around family at Christmas is all about being conformable and spending time with loved ones. So when you are planning the meal, think of some fan-favorite items that can go with it.

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Some classic items that many families always have at their Christmas parties are mac and cheese, chili, a potato dish, and broccoli casserole. Of course, these dishes can inspire your meal, but think about what items are always at your family functions and make those to feed your family.

5 Have A Trash Can In Multiple Rooms

A typical question that is asked the most at a party is, “where can I throw this out?” Any party is going to have trash, especially if you are feeding a big family. One way you can combat these questions is to put trash cans in multiple rooms.

Also, having multiple trash cans means that you are not going to have to be continually taking out and changing the trash during the party. Plan ahead and find places that you can leave a trash can, so people do not have to walk around holding their empty plates and used napkins.

4 Plan On Where Family Are Putting Their Winter Gear

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Hosting a family gets together in the summer and spring is not an issue since most everyone will be outside. However, hosting Christmas means everyone wants to get inside from the cold.

Not only that, they are going to have big winter jackets, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves that all need a place during the party. If you have a coat closet, make sure to clear it out entirely because it is going to get full. You can even use a bedroom to store everyone's gear, but make sure to select a spot before the party begins.

3 Keep Desserts Simple

The Christmas season comes with lots of different holiday desserts that you might feel pressure to bake for your family. A great way to get plenty of sweet treats at your house is to host a holiday cookie exchange with your family.

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Though cookies are going to be eaten at your party, there will inevitably be enough for your extended family to go home with a tin of everyone else's cookies too!

2 Have A White Elephant Party Not Individual Gifts

When you are making a list of everyone that you need to get a present for, it can get costly when you have a large family. Instead, host a white elephant party where every family buys a gift that goes into a lot.

Then at your party, have everyone start picking up a gift one at a time. If the family wants, they can steal an open gift from someone else or keep it. Then, in the end, everyone has a new and exciting gift to take home.

1 Plan A Potluck Meal

Christmas is a very hectic time of year when you are trying to visit family, buy presents, and host different parties. So when you have to host your family’s Christmas party on top of that, it can get stressful.

The biggest part about hosting is cooking, so why not make it into a potluck meal to save you some time in the kitchen. You can focus on the more significant main course items and see who can volunteer to bring sides and appetizers. That way you can spend time with your family and feed everyone without being trapped in the kitchen all day.

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