'Uber For Kids' Shuttle Service Is Coming To Make Lives Easier For Parents

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For every parent who has ever stressed about how they're going to pick their kids up from school and transport them to their numerous extracurricular activities, this may be the perfect solution.

HopSkipDrive, which many people have labelled the "Uber for kids" is a new car transport service specifically geared towards getting kids over the age of 6 anywhere they need to go. Since Uber and Lyft both won't transport minors under the age of 18 without an adult present, many parents often found themselves in a bind when trying to figure out how to get their kids where they need to be.

HopSkipDrive was founded by three busy working mothers who knew how hard it was to get all their kids where they needed to be, on time. With eight children ranging in age from 5-13 between them, they decided to create their own ride service that strictly caters to the needs of busy families. That means the drivers for HopSkipDrive go through much more rigid approval process before they're hired as drivers.

According to the HopSkipDrive website all drivers must be a minimum of 23 years old, have a clean background check as well as a minimum of five years child care experience and must be willing to be fingerprinted. The company currently employs over 2000 drivers.

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“We’re three moms. We have eight kids between us that go to five different schools and have 25 different after-school activities. We were struggling with how to make it work. We built this with our kids in mind,” HopSkipDrive CEO Joanna McFarland told the Denver Post. “We think about safety before the ride, during the ride and after.”

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Joanna Aguilera booked the service, told the paper that it has been invaluable to her.

“It’s hard when we’re single moms and we have to be at work but our kids have to be in certain places,” she said. “And it’s great they have child care experience.”

Not only does the company provide a much needed service for busy families, but it also offers peace of mind. Parents are given text updates throughout their child's rides, and before their children are picked up parents are sent a picture of the driver and their profile. Parents are also sent a personalized code to ensure their child is being picked up by their designated driver. Parents can also track their drive using the HopSkipDrive app.

Pricing starts as low as $15 for a single family fare but it also allows for car pool and ride sharing services as well, which start as low as $6 per family. So not only do you get a trustworthy car service for your child, but you can also ride share with friends to make it more economical.

HopSkipDrive is currently available in LA and Orange County, San Francisco, and recently rolled out to Denver. Hopefully the service will eventually become available across the country so families everywhere can benefit.

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