10 Things Home-School Parents Are Doing Right

When it comes to homeschooling, it seems like a lot of parents have plenty of questions about it simply because there isn’t much that they know about it. There’s the assumption that homeschool means you get to wake up whenever you want to, do your science and math homework in your pajamas and better yet avoid all of the bullying and drama that many kids experience in their middle and high school years.

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But that’s not always the case. While there are plenty of pros and cons to both traditional and at homeschooling methods, here are ten things that homeschool parents are getting right.

10 They Can Travel Off-Season

One of the luxuries that many homeschooling families have is that they don’t have to adhere to a school schedule. In other words, they don’t have to worry about the boredom that usually comes with a two-month summer break, what to do during all of the holidays and other school-approved days off throughout the calendar year.

As a matter of fact, many families take advantage of their flexibility by traveling off-season. This means fewer crowds, better prices on hotels and airfare and more quality family time, too. Why spend a fortune over the summer when you can visit Copenhagen in October, right?

9 They Make Customized Lesson Plans

One of the reasons why so many parents love to homeschool their children is because they believe in more meaningful learning. And because they only have to focus on their child (or their children if they are homeschooling multiples), they get to make customized lesson plans. That means moms and dads who homeschool get to make a lesson plan that will cater to their child’s specific needs, strengths and weaknesses.

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Unfortunately, that’s something a teacher can’t do if he or she has more than 15 kids in a classroom. At home, parents can also spend as much time as they need to on a lesson until their kid gets it right.

8 They Have More Time To Focus On Their Hobbies

Another great advantage that homeschooling parents have is that their children have much more time to focus on some of the passions that they love. As many parents know, kids who are looking to become professional gymnasts, tennis players or ice skaters need as much time as possible to practice.

By having a flexible homeschooling schedule at home, kids can focus on being the star athlete that they are destined to be while also keeping up with their studies and homework. If a child goes to a traditional school, it’s almost impossible for them to spend several hours a day in the gym.

7 Flexible Family Time

Whoever said that the best things in life are free, they weren’t kidding at all. As a matter of fact, many homeschooling parents say that their set up lets them spend more family time together. Because they don’t have to wake up a certain time, catch the bus or worry about all of the pickups and drop-offs, they have more time in their day to spend as a family.

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And as many parents will tell you, these are often the years that fly by the most. If you are a homeschooling family, you definitely have much more flexible family time then those parents who are always in a rush out the door.

6 Tailored Pacing

If you are a homeschooling parent, you don’t have to worry about deadlines or meeting certain expectations from the school’s leaders or administration. There’s no one breathing down your back about getting a certain amount of material in before the end of the school year.

One of the things that homeschool parents love the most is tailored pacing. They teach at the same speed that their children learn. If their kids need more time, they slow down. If they are picking things up quickly, the move faster. Their academic schedule caters to their child and their specific educational and emotional needs.

5 They Outsource If Needed

If you think that a parent ends up being a homeschooled child’s one and only teacher, you might want to think again. That’s because there are plenty of homeschooling parents who know that they can’t teach every subject under the sun to their children.

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That’s why they do a lot of outsourcing and even arrange co-ops with their local community. This way it really is a group effort. If there is something that a parent can’t teach or doesn’t have the necessary tools to do so, there might be someone in their outsourcing program that can lend them a hand in that area.

4 It’s Not All About The Testing

Let’s face it: these days and in many schools around the country teachers are pressured to get good enough test scores from their students in order to make their school look good. And yes, it’s all about the testing, preparing for the testing and making sure that they get the right results after the testing.

With homeschooling, it’s not like that at all. Sure, they do have assessments but parents don’t have that same pressure to get the right results the same way that school teachers have. Plus, if your child gets bad grade, there’s no hiding it from his or her parents.

3 They Make Sure Their Kids Socialize

When it comes to homeschooled children, there’s also a misconception that they don’t get to socialize enough with kids that are their same age. When you go to a traditional school, you get to make friends with the 20 or so kids that are in your class. Believe it or not, homeschooling kids socialize, too.

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They might not make friends that come from their same classroom, but they do make friends from co-op, different organizations, their extra-curricular activities or their sports programs. Plus, there’s also plenty of opportunities to meet new kids and even hang out with ones that live in the same neighborhood as they do.

2 They Take Their Time

When you homeschool, there’s no rush. There’s no waking up in the morning, forcing your kids to get dressed, eat a decent breakfast and get out the door before the morning traffic rush begins. There’s also no worrying about getting all of your homework done at night and going to bed at a decent time in order to get in enough hours of sleep.

That’s because homeschooling families have something that other families simply don’t have and that’s the luxury of time on their hands. And because they don’t have a set schedule that includes several different classes, lunch, recess and everything else in between, they can easily get things done in three hours compared to what school kids get done in seven or eight hours.

1 They Make Sure To Teach In A Warm, Friendly Environment

Now, this isn’t to say that every teacher feels this same way, but it’s without a doubt that many educators out there are stressed. Simply put, the hours are long, the work can sometimes get tedious or repetitive and you don’t always have school children or even parents that are helpful or supportive.

This can make it very hard on teachers who try their best to stay positive. But when it comes to homeschooling parents, they don’t feel that same stress. They make sure to always teach in a warm, friendly environment in the comfort of their own living room or dining room table.

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