Parents Are Making Their Own Sunscreen, Experts Say Not Smart


These days it can be hard to tell what is healthy and what's not. With all of the chemicals in our food and beauty products, it can be tempting to dive headfirst into the world of natural remedies and holistic alternatives to the products that we rely on.

One such product is sunscreen. With recent attention falling on the ingredients in sunscreen that may be harmful to humans or the environment, there has been a boom in recipes posted for DIY homemade sunscreens on blog sites. Pinterest, the website aggregator that is very popular with homemade and DIY types has seen an increase in popularity for homemade sunscreens as searched for by users.

A recent research study cited by CTV News found that the efficacy of these DIY recipes are not always reliable. They found that these recipes that were claiming to be natural alternatives to sunscreen might not actually provide proper protection from UV rays.

Due to the risk that is posed by unprotected exposure to the sun, sunscreens in Canada are regulated to ensure that they offer a safe level of protection. The recipes that can be found online are not regulated, or tested for whether or not they are safe or effective in protecting skin from UV radiation. They simply claim to be a natural alternative to commercial products, which does not necessarily meant that they are better or even safe at all.

It makes sense that interest in natural products would be seeing an increase in popularity. However, it's really important that people keep in mind where they are getting their information and whether it is safe. Sun damage can be very hazardous and potentially life-threatening, so the risks associated with being unprotected are high. Sunscreen is regulated for a reason, and it is best to stick with products that have been tested for safety and efficacy against the known hazards posed by UV radiation.

As with most things, it's important to think critically about the sources of your information online or anywhere else, and when it comes to matters of safety to ensure that your information is coming from a trusted or reliable place.

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