10 Home Remedies To Cure Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes aren’t uncommon. In fact, every mom has probably discovered the itchy, red, scaly patch of skin on their baby’s behind at least one time. While they’re quite unpleasant for everyone involved, diaper rashes are, for the most part, nothing to fret over. Unless it seems like the cause behind the rash is a serious infection, you’re better off staying away from prescription creams and trying out some of these home remedies instead. Although some of these may sound a little strange, they’ve all proven their capabilities to beat the pestering diaper rash. Plus, they’re natural solutions that may have more benefits for your baby’s skin than over-the-counter creams and lotions!

10 Aloe Vera

It turns out that aloe vera does more than soothe a blistering sunburn! Not only is this gel completely natural, but it also works well to cool down your baby’s inflamed skin and provide much-needed relief. It contains tons of antioxidants and vitamins, but the gel is also super anti-inflammatory, making it the perfect agent against irritation caused by diaper rashes.

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If the underlying cause of the rash is dryness, aloe vera will also act as a moisturizer for your baby’s skin. After thoroughly cleaning and drying your baby, apply a generous amount of gel over the inflamed area. Your baby will reward your efforts by cooing in relief!

9 Yogurt

Perhaps you’ve heard of eating yogurt to fight off a yeast infection, but did you know that yogurt can also be applied to a diaper rash for both treatment and relief? It’s true! The same probiotics that fight off yeast infections will perform well against any bacteria that’s causing your baby discomfort.

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Plus, the cool, creamy yogurt will help reduce friction from the diaper and provide relief to your baby! The key thing to remember here is to only use plain yogurt. If you use flavored yogurt or yogurt with any sort of sugar added, you may cause more mayhem instead of soothing your baby’s bottom, so make sure you grab the right container!

8 Baking Soda

Used for cleaning, cooking, and science-fair volcanoes, baking soda is quite a versatile tool to have in any household. In addition to reacting with vinegar, baking soda can also help balance the pH on your baby’s bum and rid your child of the annoying rash. Additionally, it will also help disinfect the area of any unwanted fungi and bacteria.

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However, it will be much too abrasive if applied directly to your baby’s soft skin. Instead, mix a spoonful into a cup of warm water and use it to rinse and then air dry. Although it doesn’t provide immediate cooling relief like aloe vera and yogurt, it will clear up the rash in no time at all!

7 Coconut Oil

If you’re a skincare guru, then you already know that coconut oil is an essential item to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Not only is coconut oil buttery smooth and amazing for preventing chafing, its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties also make it one of the best solutions out there for diaper rash.

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Whether your baby’s rash is a result of dryness, fungi, bacteria, or chafing, coconut oil can help! After washing and drying your baby, apply a thin coat of coconut oil over the affected areas. You can re-apply throughout the day as needed, and repeat until the rash goes away.

6 Oatmeal

This one may sound a little odd, but it’s no fiction that oatmeal is more than just a delicious and healthy choice for breakfast. Studies have shown that oatmeal actually provides several layers of protection against diaper rash and skin breakouts in general! One factor is that the fats found in oatmeal are known for providing relief to itchy, dry skin.

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Secondly, the oatmeal balances the pH of your baby’s skin, effectively curing potential causes of the diaper rash. Simply add two spoonfuls of oatmeal to your baby’s bathwater, and then let the area air dry after thorough washing. For persistent rashes, you can repeat this procedure twice a day.

5 Vaseline (Or Other Brands Of Petroleum Jelly)

One of the main causes of diaper rash is prolonged contact with urine and feces. Although this is hardly preventable, you can take precautions by changing your baby’s diaper more frequently and using petroleum jelly as a barrier. It will help fight against possible infections from waste materials as well as provide a slick guard against friction and chafing.

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Vaseline is the brand most people know but there are plenty others. Steer clear of scented petroleum jelly. Make sure to let your baby’s bottom air out for a little after using the jelly to reduce moisture. Simply re-apply during diaper changes and repeat until you see the rash fading!

4 Vinegar

Interesting enough, the other half of your science-fair volcano can aid in getting rid of the nasty diaper rash as well. Vinegar will help neutralize the effect of urine on your baby’s bottom, which leads to both relief and effective treatment of the rash. Additionally, the cleaning aspects of vinegar will also help remove any soap buildup and help eliminate any bad odors!

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You can either add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your baby’s rinse water or create a wipe by using 1:8 vinegar to water ratio. Both ways will prove to be effective in eliminating the bothersome rash!

3 Cranberry Juice (To Drink)

For a different approach, you can try giving your older baby some cranberry juice. Not only is the juice a refreshing treat for your rash-ridden baby, but it will also help prevent infection in the urine, treating the rash in a whole different way. The pH of the juice will help balance out the pH of your baby’s urine and help eliminate the root of your baby’s discomfort.

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The one thing to remember here is to make sure that your baby is old enough to digest and consume cranberry juice safely. It’s generally a good idea to wait until your baby is at least 6-7 months old before offering any type of juice at all.

2 Corn Starch

If you think the cause of your baby’s uncomfortable rash is excessive moisture from urine, then cornstarch may be a great alternative to try. The baking ingredient has had a long history of being the substitute for baby powder, and for good reason. It’s all-natural, and the particles are much larger, making it safer than the regular talcum powder.

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The drying agent works perfectly to soak up any rash-causing wetness and ensuring that your baby’s bottom remains cool and dry. Additionally, cornstarch can also aid against uncomfortable, hot chafing caused by the diaper itself. While it doesn’t work for everyone, it certainly doesn’t hurt to give cornstarch a try!

1 Breast Milk

While most moms understand that the abundance of nutrients, as well as antibodies within breast milk, make it better for the development of the baby, not many would consider its anti-inflammatory properties to be great for diaper rash. In fact, it’s a great alternative treatment to try at home. The natural immunity preserved within breast milk makes it great for soothing the baby’s skin as well as fighting infection! For this method, simply smooth a few drops of breast milk over the affected areas during a diaper change, and let it air dry for best effects. Although it might sound strange to try, many moms have sworn by it as the best treatment!

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