10 Activities Kids Can Do At Home With Their Grandparents

Kids love to spend time with their grandparents, whether it’s a day at home while they babysit or a sleepover at their place. Sometimes, the grandparents will plan plenty of exciting activities, like going to the park, mall, or movies. But sometimes, the plan is just to stay home.

This might be due to weather, limited time, or maybe grandma and grandpa simply aren’t as lively as they used to be or have mobility issues.

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Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways grandparents can entertain the kids at home, and activities they can do that everyone will love.

10 Read Books Together

Reading books together doesn’t have to be reserved just for bedtime, though that’s a great time to do it as well. Kids can read with their grandparents while relaxing on the couch, sitting in the kitchen while grandma prepares dinner, or lying on the bed while grandpa folds laundry.

Have the kids read to you, which will help them develop their reading skills and keep busy and lets them share some of their favorite stories with you. If they’re having trouble with pronouncing a word or have a question about the definition of one, the grandparents can help. It’s a great way to bond while also multitasking and helping the kids learn.

9 Do Homework

It isn’t exactly exciting, but sometimes having the grandparents help with homework can be a welcome change from mom and dad. Grandparents might be more patient or have a different perspective on how to learn.

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Plus, having the grandparents tackle homework, which they’ll likely enjoy, leaves more quality time for parents to spend with the kids beyond helping them with their after-school assignments. Sure, this isn’t a task you want to put on grandparents all the time, but once in awhile, it’s a nice break for both the parents and kids.

8 Play Cards

Cards are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours and something that grandparents will enjoy playing as well. There are plenty of basic card games grandparents can teach kids how to play, or play with them if they already know how, like Go Fish, Crazy 8s, and Gin.

With younger kids, including toddlers, lay all of the cards face down on the floor or table and play a game of Memory where you take turns flipping two over, then flipping them back if they aren’t a match and trying again.

7 Mobile App Games and Activities

Sure, you don’t want to overload your kids with screen time, but if there’s ever a time for indulgence in everything that is forbidden or limited at home, from screen time to candy, it’s while the kids are with the grandparents.

Download a few fun games and apps that the kids can play with their grandparents, whether it’s educational word or math games, or simply fun, time-wasting games they can enjoy for a half hour or so break between more stimulating activities.

6 Board Games

Classic board games are making a comeback as families gather to sit together and play, no phones or computers in hand or televisions on. There are tons of classic board games grandma and grandpa probably have tucked away on a shelf or in the attic that they can dust off to play with the kids.

From Chutes & Ladders to Sorry, Monopoly, Game of Life, and more, there are board games suitable for all ages, and the grandparents will love the quality time.

5 Cooking or Baking

Cooking or baking is a great activity to do with the grandparents, as the kids can help them while grandma and/or grandpa can teach their grandkids the basics, like how to make pancakes and how bread with yeast rises, and let them run wild decorating a cake.

Kids can help their grandparents make dinner for the evening or bake a treat for dessert with extras they can bring home with them, like a cake, cupcakes, muffins, or homemade bread. This not only teaches kids an important skill but lets the grandparents bond with them doing something they probably love.

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4 Crafts

There are lots of crafting projects kids can do with grandparents using everyday household items, whether it’s empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, uncooked macaroni, string, yarn, paper plates, and more.

Get creative, search Pinterest, and get kids excited with a new craft project to make jewelry, holiday decorations, paintings, and more. Maybe grandparents can teach the child how to sew or help them build a birdfeeder for the backyard or a wooden pencil holder for their work desk at home.

3 Chores

OK, so this isn’t exactly a fun activity, but kids might be more excited to help their grandparents do chores around the house than they are to help their parents. They might love to help fold laundry, vacuum floors, dust furniture, and/or wash dishes; or simply pick up their own toys and put them away in a toy box.

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The grandparents can reward the kids for their help with screen time, by putting on a movie afterward, or taking them for ice cream. And kids will have a sense of pride knowing that they were helpful.

2 Watch TV

You don’t want to plop down in front of the television all day but watching television with the grandkids can be fun. Grandparents can introduce kids to TV shows they love, whether they’re kid-friendly game shows or old family-friendly sitcoms. Meanwhile, kids can show their grandparents what they like to watch at home.

You can also pop in or stream a movie to enjoy that experience together, complete with popcorn and treats. (Treats, of course, are a must when visiting the grandparents!)

1 Building Toys & Puzzles

Building toys can keep kids busy for hours, and the grandparents might enjoy participating in the process with kids, helping them put together a large set of Legos, for example, building a high-tech robot that they can then play with, or putting together a puzzle.

Pack a container of random building pieces in your child’s bag and let their imagination run wild with the grandparents as they build structures then enjoy fun playtime. Or find a cute puzzle they can put together in a few hours.

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