10 Hollywood Moms You Should Be Following On Instagram

Lots of moms follow their friends and family members on their social media accounts. That is pretty awesome, but sometimes the most entertaining people to follow are famous parents. Sometimes people only show the glamorous, cute sides of parenting. But anyone who has ever raised children knows that things are not always easy.

That is why moms should definitely check out some of their favorite celebrity mothers on the internet. Some famous mommies show the good, the bad, and the downright gross side of raising kids. Here are some of the famous mothers every mom and dad should follow on Instagram.

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10 Chrissy Teigen

Model Chrissy Teigen gets brutally honest about what being a mother is like on Instagram. This star does not seem to be shy about anything.

She has been known to post some seriously revealing things, including in image of her stretch marks. Things like this might not be pretty to look at, but it is a great reminder that no one is perfect.

Not everyone is a fan of her images, though. Teigen has received some very mean comments, but the cool thing is that she does not really let that stuff bother her. Teigen is very honest about how she feels when it comes to taking care of children.

9 Cardi B.

Rapper Cardi B. may not have a life that everyone can relate to, but she is very honest about what it’s like to be a mom these days. The star has not hidden the fact that becoming a mom is a very life-changing thing.

Recently, she was nominated for a number of awards. Instead of celebrating by going out on the town, or hanging out with her famous friends, she filmed a video for Instagram. But the new mom was not feeling very confident about the way she looked that day, so she stayed behind the camera. That is probably something most new moms can relate to.

8 Jennifer Garner

Actress Jennifer Garner is not a fan of showing her kids off on social media, but her Instagram shows that she is a very relatable mother. The actress is very involved in her children’s lives.

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Garner even stood outside of a grocery store to sell some Girl Scout cookies, and then she posted the image on social media. After she finished selling cookies there, she sold some to her followers on Instagram. There are probably at least a few people who kept the boxes as a cool reminder of who they ordered them from. The actress sold all of her cookies in just a few minutes.

7 Jessica Biel

Actress Jessica Biel has been really honest about the highs and lows of motherhood, as well as the fact that she had to have an emergency c-section. The actress is a very loving mother, but even she feels as though raising children is no walk in the park.

In the past, the actress has talked about how tough it can be to care for a 2-year-old. Biel has also discussed the time she was so pressed for time that she actually ended up having to eat her lunch while she was in the shower. Many moms have probably found themselves in similar situations.

6 Kim Kardashian

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Television personality Kim Kardashian may not live a life many people can relate to, but she loves to post images of herself and her family, which definitely makes her seem more relatable. The star’s Instagram account is full of images like that, which is certainly heartwarming.

It is really easy to tell that Kardashian is loving being a mother. It seems that her three children, North, Saint, and Chicago West, definitely have a mom who enjoys spending time with them and making awesome memories with them. It looks as though Kardashian’s children spend a lot of time hanging out with their cousins, since there are lots of images of all of them chilling out together on social media.

5 Pink

Singer Pink is a rockstar, but that does not mean that she doesn’t take the time to post some very relatable things, such as images of her daughter leaping from one piece of furniture to another. This awesome mother has been very honest about a lot of things when it comes to her children, which just makes her an even more likable mom.

People made new moms all around the world feel better when she talked about her postpartum body. The star believes they should stay off of the scale, and she even posted an image of herself in gym clothing just weeks after she gave birth.

4 Hilary Duff

During actress Hilary Duff’s second pregnancy, she took to her Instagram account to show off her growing baby bump and discuss how hard pregnancy is. Duff was looking forward to meeting her second child, but there are some parts of pregnancy she is not the biggest fan of.

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When she was carrying her second baby, Duff claimed that she was having trouble putting her shoes on. She also grew tired of looking at her body during her second pregnancy, which is surely something all moms have felt at one time or another. Duff then mentioned how tough women are.

3 Katherine Heigl

Actress Katherine Heigl seems to devote her entire life to her children, and she shows the reality of motherhood on her Instagram page. The actress has posted various things that all mothers have probably experienced, including a video of herself trying to get her child to get out of the bathtub.

The star also posted a photo of her family cuddling in the morning. In the caption, Heigl claimed that she forced her kids to snuggle with her, and that it was worth it even though her youngest child put his tiny fist to her face. As far as parenting goes, Heigl is probably one celebrity lots of other moms can find common ground with.

2 Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell and her husband, actor Dax Shepherd, choose not to reveal their children’s faces on social media, but fans have a pretty good peek into how they raise their children based off of Bell’s Instagram account. The actress has been honest about what it’s like to be a mother many times.

Even though she is a famous star, Bell is not afraid to show off the fact that her children make messes just like every other person’s children. It seems that Bell has learned a lot since she became a mom, including how to use a hair tie to keep a broken diaper together, which she posted about on her Instagram.

1 Kelly Clarkson

Even famous moms like singer Kelly Clarkson face new struggles every day, such as trying to get their children to pay less attention to electronics, which is something Clarkson posted about on her Instagram account. In the caption of the post, the singer talked about her son’s gaze, and how he got it from her.

The star gets very real when it comes to being a mom. Clarkson also posted a video of herself trying to get one of her children to try a food that was new to them at the time, and she received some backlash for it.

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