This Family's 'Time To Put Down The Fortnite' Parody Will Have Parents Saying, 'YEP'

The Holderness Family fortnite

If you have an older child, you've undoubtedly heard the word "Fortnite" at least once in your household. Our Fornite addicted offspring can often be found shouting back and forth about what seems like their own secret language for the game that is basically known as the new Minecraft. Whether you find it annoying or have noticed yourself jumping in to join them for a game or two, this new parody will have parents nodding their heads saying "yes, yes, yes."

First of all, if you're unsure about the inner workings of Fortnite, it's basically a game that tasks players with surviving in a post-apocalyptic world by defeating zombie-like creatures through solo play. The cost is $40, but a free, multiplayer version of the long-form game, called Fortnite: Battle Royale, was more recently released that has enticed younger players to jump on board the Fortnite train. While there is an emphasis on teamwork and strategic, creative thinking, it does involve guns and some violence, so if your kids haven't yet been introduced, those details are definitely worth considering.

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If you've already found your children glued to the television and battling the Fortnite zombies, then this latest parody will resonate with you to your very core.

Funny family, the Holderness Family that is well known for funny parodies and family spoofs that are oh so relatable, have truly hit the nail on the head with their latest release of "Time To Put Down the Fortnite" to the tune of The Black Eyes Peas "I Got a Feeling." You won't be able to look away or stop playing for your Fortnite obsessed kiddos.

The song shares how summer is ending, school is about to begin and the family feels like they lost their children to Fortnite and the only camping they did was in their front bush. Sounds like your house? Yup, this game has totally taken over.

The song is super easy to get stuck in your head, so you can totally break out in song and dance whenever your kids have hit their daily screen time limit and it's actually time to put down the Fortnite. The hilariously unexpected kicker at the end of the video has got to be whenever the dad actually finds himself addicted to the game.

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