A Family Is Hiring A Part-Time Nanny To Dress As A Disney Princess

Finding good child care isn't easy. You want someone who's kind, caring, responsible, and dedicated to caring for your children. You have to find someone whose schedule matches your own, and who is flexible enough to be able to work with pick ups and drop offs and all those extracurricular activities. Plus, you want them to be compatible with your family, and most importantly, with your kids! Basically, we want Mary Poppins on a very small budget. Like we said, not easy to find! But if you've got the money to spend, you can pretty much find any kind of child care provider or nanny your heart desires. Live-in, part-time, bilingual, excellent chef - the sky is the limit for the right price! You can even try to find a nanny who would be willing to dress up as a Disney princess to care for your kids. That might sound a little out there, but for a family in the UK, it's what dreams are made of.

In a job listing posted on a child care site in the UK, a family with twin 5-year-old girls described their perfect nanny. She would be a strong female role model - determined, fearless, and compassionate. The nanny would be responsible for the usual nanny-type stuff: picking the twins up from school, organizing activities like crafts and games, cooking, baking, tidying, and putting the kids to bed.

It's a part-time position, and the family is willing to pay $53,000 US for the role. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, right? But there's a catch (there's always a catch!): the nanny needs to fulfill all these duties while dressed in full Disney princess costume, at all times.

The mother who wrote the ad says that he daughters are, like a lot of 5-year-old girls, Disney obsessed. The parents feel that having a nanny dressed as a Disney princess would be a great way to instill the values that are important to them, but in a way the twins would be more inclined to pay attention to and enjoy. In addition to the salary, 25 paid holidays, and paid sick days, the family is going to cover the cost of all the costumes. So if you've got a flair for Disney, are good with kids, and don't mind relocating to the UK, this might be the job for you!

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