Mom Speaks Out After Sex Reveal Involving Zoo Hippo Sparks Outrage

We've seen some pretty interesting gender reveals that haven't necessarily had the reaction the expectant parents were hoping for. We've seen cars catch fire, massive forest fires started and even a celebrity gender reveal that had some pretty serious water issues. However, one recent gender reveal that involved a hippopotamus at a local Texas zoo has been dubbed the "worst gender reveal ever."

Jonathan and Bridgette Joseph visited the Capital of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek where they had arranged to have their gender reveal done. Jonathan threw a watermelon filled with Jell-o into 5-year-old Nile hippo Tank's mouth, and when Tank chomped down on the melon it burst open to reveal blue Jell-o, indicating the Joseph's will be welcoming a boy. The couple was overjoyed and Jonathan can be heard exclaiming “Yes! Yes! Thank God.” The video was posted on Tik Tok and quickly went viral with over 8 million views.

Not everyone loved the unique gender reveal. Filmmaker Ana Bretón posted a clip of the video on her own Twitter page writing, "I did it. I found the worst gender reveal."

Bretón's post sparked outrage on Twitter where many attacked the Joseph's for what they felt was putting Tank in danger as well as Jonathan's reaction to finding out he was having a son.

"When he said “thank god” I was even more disgusted. Throw the whole couple away also is the hippo okay?" wrote one commenter.

"And, I think I just watched a gender reveal that fed oodles of food coloring to a hippo in order to show the internet that having a girl would be THAT bad," wrote another. Another commenter wrote, "The joy on his face knowing it’s going to be a boy is simply the worst. Along with making a hippo behind a gated fence eating a food coloring watermelon." One commenter even tagged animal activist group PETA in their comment writing, "Did they give that poor hippo chemicals ?"

Despite the outrage, Michael Hicks, the zoo’s director, explained to TIME that they only give the very best to Tank, and he was actually eating organic blue Jell-o inside the watermelon, which are two foods he actually something he eats on a weekly basis.

Bretón followed up on her post writing, "I’ve been in touch with the family in the video. While I’m not a fan of gender reveals, it was not my intention to bring darkness to their special day. She then posted a screenshot of an explanation of the day written by Bridgette as well as a link to directly donate to Tank's zoo.

"This was one of the happiest days of our lives. With the help of the zoo and the amazing Tank the hippo, we learned that we are having a baby boy," Bridgette wrote, explaining that the couple has a daughter. "It took some time and some extra money in fertility treatments, but we finally got pregnant! We would have been over the moon just the same to have another girl but would have had kept trying for a boy, and it could have got very expensive. I want to experience the mother-son relationship so badly. I am filled with joy to learn that we got our baby boy! Can't wait to meet him."

She also provided her own update on Tank writing, "Also, for anyone who is concerned about the hippo and his well-being, he has been hand raised by his amazing owner who assisted us in feeding him only food that is safe for him to consume...organic Jell-O inside a watermelon...and yes, Tank was more than happy to have the treat. He walked right to us and opened his mouth."

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