10 Hilarious Memes About Having Twins

Being a parent isn’t easy, but being a parent to twins can be even more challenging. Not only do they have to buy twice as many items such as diapers, clothing, and if you formula feed, formula, but they have twice the mess and double the trouble. It never really gets any easier until they are grown enough to do things on their own.

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Memes can bring new light to the struggle of having twins, and make twin parents everywhere say, “Yes! Someone finally gets it!” Here are 10 hilarious memes about having twins for all of the parents of twins out there!

10 The Switch

Many times, twins look so much alike that it can be hard to tell them apart, especially babies. It can be even harder to tell twins apart when parents dress them alike. This meme can be hilariously accurate for some parents out there.

Sometimes the wrong twin gets fed twice. It happens. If this happens to you, you just have to laugh and then make sure to feed the other baby. Perhaps dressing your twins alike may not be for you. A good way to tell them apart would be to dress them differently or look for a birthmark that one twin may have that the other one doesn’t.

9 Why Not?

When two babies look almost identical or identical, and someone asks if they are actually twins, it may be hard not to come back with a snarky remark. This meme is just way too hilarious and it would make for the perfect “Are they twins?” come back.

Just reply with, “No, I found the extra kid in the parking lot and thought, ‘Why not?’” However, you may get some strange looks with a remark like that! But just seeing the other person’s reaction might be worth it.

8 Mother Of Multiples

This meme is just too funny. It shows what different people may think about a mom who has multiple babies. Strangers may think the mom is a breading or breastfeeding factory. The husband or partner may think it is all cuddles and fun and games.

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The mom may think she is super mom; which she really is. Her friends may compare her to Octomom. Teenagers may think it’s the most adorable thing ever, but in reality, the mom is multitalented and juggling a lot.

7 The To-Do List

Twin moms are busy as they have a lot to do and may feel like the list is forever growing and will never get done. This meme really says a lot without saying too much. When moms of multiple babies are asked to do something, it will most likely drive them insane.

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Twins mean double the effort and work. Caring for one child is hard enough, add two infants to the mix and things can get a little hectic. Perhaps, a lot hectic.

6 Two For The Price Of One

Just because twins were born on the same day and shared the same womb does not mean that they are going to share everything else; especially as they get older! T

hey ate going to want their own things. Parents of twins have to buy double of everything; double the diapers, toys, formula, and presents -- among other things. This meme is so hilarious because it is true; it isn’t two for the price of one. It is two for the price of two!

5 Did You Sleep Last Night?

Sleep seems like a luxury for parents of twins. It is something that seems to rarely happen, so a full 40 minutes can seem like a blessing at times! It may seem like when one twin is sleeping the other one is either awake, just waking up, or trying to wake their brother or sister up to play; which leaves parents with no room for sleep.

This meme is sad yet hilariously true at the same time! Sometimes, if parents would like a nap here and there, try to keep the twins on the same awake and sleep cycle when possible!

4 When I Sneeze...

Another twin parent sleep-related meme! This meme is hilariously accurate as well! When people realize that you have twins, they sometimes wonder if you get enough rest and if you are taking care of yourself as well as your babies.

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But the sad reality may be that the only time you get any rest or even get to close your eyes is when you sneeze! If that sounds like you, then may your sneeze last for as long as you need!

3 This Is How I Look Now

The woman in this meme looks a little like a psychotic mess, but if she has twins that can be completely understandable.

If you find that you are having an off day when it comes to how you are looking and feeling, and someone asks if you look the way you do because you went out last night, simply say, “No, I have twins. This is how I look now.” If they don’t understand, then they have obviously never met or known another parent who has twins before!

2 When They Try To Give You Advice...

When you have kids, especially twins, you may find that people who don’t even have kids or who don’t have multiple babies are often trying to give you advice about how to raise your kids or about how you should do this or that.

This meme is most likely relatable for many parents out there. Sometimes advice can be a good thing, but it should come from a reputable source. It’s like getting information off the internet; you have to be careful who you listen to.

1 The Unplanned Twin

Most parents of twins never actually planned on having more than one baby at a time. It just happened that way or twins run in their family. It kind of makes you wonder if twins ever actually realize that, when the pregnancy was planned, the parents weren't expecting to have two babies.

You can bet that if twins would think of this, they may fight over which one of them was unplanned since twins seem to fight over every little thing! Our best bet would be that the twin that was born first would say that he or she was the one that was planned for!

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