Hilary Duff Vs. The Kardashians: 20 Things Their Kids Are Expected To Do

We have watched Hilary Duff grow up and become a mother. She’s not the average celebrity mom that we see in the industry. She was a young mother, and she was also one that semi disappeared from Hollywood when she decided to start a family. She was only 24 years old when she gave birth to her son Luca and she’s been judged a lot as a parent over the years. She recently gave birth to a daughter named Banks. When in Hollywood, that age is seen as young to be starting a family. After all, she had her job to think about. But she had also been in the industry since she was a child.

The Kardashians are also another family that is often under scrutiny because of their lifestyle choices and parenting tactics. They definitely raise their children in a different way than Hilary Duff would and it’s always interesting to see how different celebrities raise their children. Check out these 24 things that Hilary Diff and the Kardashians expect their children to do.

20 Hilary Duff: Celebrate Birthdays As A Team


It’s hard to figure out the best way to do things once you get divorced but for Hilary Duff, she didn’t want her son, Luca, to have to choose what parent to have at his birthday party. Hilary wanted her son to be able to be with both parents for his birthday. A child should never have to choose between who to spend his birthday with. It’s only one day, so it’s not hard for two people to get along for the sake of the child and that’s the way that Hilary sees it. This was the photo that she posted for her son’s fourth birthday.

19 Kardashians: Facetime When Kim & Kanye Aren’t Home

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West lead very busy lives and they have nannies that spend time at the home when they are unable to be with their children. “They don’t have the most traditional way of raising their kids because they’re so busy,” a source told PEOPLE about the West family. FaceTime seems to be the best way that they can stay connected to their children when they are working. “When they’re not together, Kim and Kanye FaceTime with the kids and talk to them as much as they can,” the source shared, adding that the pair finds help in several family members.

18 Hilary Duff: They Are Formula Babies

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There are mothers out there that are vehement about breastfeeding and it’s almost as if you are really lacking as a parent if you dare feed your child from a bottle. People who breastfeed will even breastfeed their child well past a year old which is also an unpopular topic. It’s up to any parent when or if they choose to bottle feed their child. Duff switched her child from breastfeeding to the bottle at 7 months and the wolves descended. "For example, I felt judged when I decided to start supplementing with formula after seven months," she told Yahoo.

17 Kardashians: Kourtney’s Children Eat Organically


Kourtney Kardashian makes sure that her kids eat healthy, so much so that she has them on an eating plan. They have even been on dairy-free and gluten-free plans at one point. She told Entertainment Tonight, “What you put in your body… is just as important as what you put on your skin.” She says that despite the meal plan that her family is on that she tries to keep things organic. “In general, I try to eat healthy and include as many organic whole foods as possible.” It’s not a bad plan at all and if you can afford to buy organic, then it’s probably best for your kids.

16 Hilary Duff: Kids Have To Cry It Out


It must suck to be a celebrity when it comes to the paparazzi seeing you during your weakest moments. One picture was posted online of Hilary Duff with her son who was crying and she got a lot of flak for the picture. The headline read, “C-Minus Mother” because she was allowing her child to just cry it out in public. Duff stated that she was really hurt over the photo and what could she really do? We’ve all been there. Her ex-husband Mike Comrie came to her rescue, “Mike [said] ‘that was so mean, that must have really hurt your feelings.’ Just to acknowledge that our skin isn’t thick and tough all the time is a really good rule for a dad.”

15 Kardashians: North Will Control Her Own Social Media Presence

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Kim Kardashian makes her living in part by what she does online. She knows that things that are posted online are there forever. She has told her sisters to be aware of the things that they do because it all ends up online. She says the same thing to her kids but she also wants them to be able to create their own image in brand much in the same way that Kylie Jenner has or any of the Kardashians. "I also will give [North] the freedom, if she is way more conservative than I am, then that would be great, as well. If she's comfortable with herself and loves to take selfies, that'd be great, too," she said in an appearance on The Today Show.

14 Kardashians: Kim’s Children Spend Time With Nannies


Kim has had multiple nannies working for her over the year and you often see them when they are traveling or running errands. Sources have said that it’s the nannies that wake the children up in the morning and that there is a rule that the children aren’t allowed to wake the couple up in the middle of the night. The family also helps out with the children. “Kris [Jenner] helps Kim a ton, as does Kourtney [Kardashian]. Corey [Gamble] pitches in with all the kids too. The family supports each other,” the source told People.

13 Hilary Duff: Luca Is Not Forced To Like Step Dad

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Now that Hilary is with Matthew Koma, she is trying to blend her family in the best way possible. She stated how she didn’t force her son and Matthew to get along, she let it happen naturally. “I think that Luca liking Matt was the biggest concern of Matt's life. He didn't want to be forceful and bring a bunch of gifts over you know? He was like, 'I am just going to let him come to me.' I think it was a really smart move because now they have such a special relationship and they have their games that they play that I'm not really involved in.”

12 Kardashians: No Secrets From Mommy

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Kim Kardashian doesn’t want there to be any secrets between her and her kids. She wants to follow them around all the time so that she knows what’s going on. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she wished she had the ability to be invisible so she could follow her kids around for the day and see what they do. "[I would] see how they act, see what they talk about," she said. "I record my daughter just talking because the things she says are so funny. I could watch her talk all day."

11 Kardashians: Kourtney Enforces Limited Screen Time

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Whether as parents we should allow our kids to have devices is an unpopular topic. Some parents think it’s okay in moderation whereas others won’t even allow them in their home. Kourtney has very limited access to electronics. “They don’t really play with iPads at all. We used to let them use iPads at restaurants, but rules evolve as kids grow and we learned that didn’t always work for us. We want to be able to communicate and have conversations with the kids while eating together – so we try not to have TV or iPads out during breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

10 Hilary Duff: Kids Grow Up In A Normal Household


Hilary is one celebrity that strives to have a normal household for her child. She likes to have get togethers and family meals. But living in the public eye doesn’t always allow for normalcy. “In our family, we strive for normalcy. We are a normal family with not-so-normal jobs, not-so-normal upbringings. But we have family dinner every Sunday, and our get-togethers always revolve around food. We love to work out and be healthy and lead good lives. But Haylie and I had the outlook, when we had our babies, we don’t need to race to the gym. We’d rather use that time for bonding with our kids.”

9 Kardashians: They Do Not Use Plastic Cups


Plastic is not allowed in Kourtney Kardashian’s home, she just doesn’t believe in it. It was revealed during a Snaptour that Khloe was doing where she showed that there was no plastic in the house. Kourtney just believes in using glass. She believes that there are toxins in the plastic containers that will transfer to the food that they eat. She tries not to use any plastic if she can help it. We have to assume it would be hard to have a completely plastic-free household but maybe she has achieved it.

8 Hilary Duff: She’s Kissing Her Babies

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Another situation that Hilary Duff got in trouble for was when she posted a photo on social media of her kissing her son on the mouth at Disneyland. A lot of people thought there was something wrong with it when really there a mother kissing her child shouldn’t be seen that way. Duff was so upset about the outcry that she told people to unfollow her if they had a problem with it. “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four-year-old is [not okay] go ahead and click unfollow with your warped minds and judgment,” she wrote, according to the Huffington Post.

7 Kardashians: Siblings Have To Love Each Other

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One struggle that Kim Kardashian has faced is the sibling rivalry that has gone on between her daughter North and her son Saint. North had all her parent’s attention until little Saint showed up and North wasn’t too impressed with having to share her parents with someone else. Kim had to take drastic measures to help the situation out. "When I was breastfeeding [Saint], [North] was so jealous that I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw so she would drink and she would drink," Kim also said on Ellen. "She's so jealous."

6 Hilary Duff: Mom Needs Time Alone


Hilary Duff is a big believer in self-love and taking care of yourself even with kids. She has no problem going out for a night with her friends. It’s just something she believes in. Sometimes moms just need some time alone. In 2013, she told People, “I think asking for help on a tired day isn’t a sign of weakness. A lot of changes have come into your life quickly and it’s important to take time for yourself! Whether that be a workout, a bath, shopping with friends, or even reading outside for half an hour, all moms should take that time.”

5 Kardashians: Kim’s Kids Will Be Working

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Kim is determined for her kids to make their own way, she doesn’t want to just raise trust fund babies. When Kim was growing up, she had to work and save money for the things that she wanted and her parents wouldn’t give her. She expects her kids to do the same. "I was saying that earlier to my friends, 'I wonder what [North's] first job is gonna be'. And they were like, 'What? She's gonna have a job?' and I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Of course, she is'. She will have to work for what she wants," she said to the Evening Standard.

4 Hilary Duff: Making Sibling Rivalry Work

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When Hilary told Luca that she was going to have a baby, he didn’t react the way that she expected. “I spend a lot of time away from [Luca] when I am [filming in New York] because he is in school in Los Angeles. So, I decided not to tell him until I knew my job was almost over. We had an awesome weekend together and I was like, “I've got to tell you some pretty big news.” He thought I was joking at first and he burst into tears and was like, “Why, why, why?” I obviously felt [poorly] and I was like, 'I made a huge mistake.' But, we talked about it and now he is great.”

3 Kardashians: Kim’s Kids Have To Dress Themselves

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When Kim was growing up, she and her sisters didn’t really have much control over their wardrobe. Now that she has her own kids, she wants them to be able to dress however they want to. North is often allowed to choose her daily outfits. "Every morning and every night is her time to shine," she said in an interview with the Vancouver Sun. "She can wear costumes, which she really loves. She wears wild pajamas. And then when we go out, she really just wears whatever I want. She makes it really easy. But we have that comprise."

2 Kardashians: Kim’s Kids Sleep In Their Own Bed

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Kim has strict sleeping arrangements when it comes to where her kids sleep and she’s not the kind of parent that promotes co-sleeping. Kim states that she has more rules in her house than Kourtney does. "I'm really fun and playful, but I'm really strict on nap time, and sleeping in her own crib," Kim told the Mail Online. "Like Kourtney's style is where her kids sleep in bed with her… And maybe on weekends, [North will] come and sleep in the bed with us." The goal is to make sure that North sleeps in her own bed.

1 Kardashians: Kourtney’s Kids Don’t Get Pop


Considering that Kourtney has a very strict household when it comes to food choices, that means that there are no fizzy drinks allowed. Kourtney explains, “I always try to avoid sugar – especially refined sugar – for so many reasons.” Khloe talked about a time that she had to hide pop from her sister. She was at her house one time and said, “The other night I was craving a [no-cal] Coke and I had to put the soda in a coffee cup. She was like, ‘Who’s drinking coffee so late?’ I was just happy she couldn’t tell the difference.”

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