Hilary Duff Admits She Struggles to Help Son With Homework

hilary duff and son luca

Celebrities - they really are just like us! Any parent who has ever struggled with helping their child do their homework can totally relate to Hilary Duff's recent Instagram post. Most parents do their best to help their children with their studies but so much seems to have changed over the years it can sometimes leave parents frustrated and confused. But for former child star Hilary Duff it seems even more difficult because her conventional schooling ended super early.

Duff recently shared a post on Instagram showing her helping her 7-year-old son Luca with his homework, or at least trying to. The Lizzie McGuire star started working as an actress at the age of 10 and was homeschooled starting when she was just 8 years old. "This guy with his spirit and kindness💔Homework is already no joke in 2nd grade," she wrote. "I stopped going to “real” school in 3rd grade so I’m actually doomed... I am left scratching my head alll the time looking at his homework and I’m terrified for next year! Although Singapore math is the shit....also learned a lot about tick birds this week. #rhinosbegrateful."

Duff may not be able to help her kids with their homework but she definitely earns cool points now that it has been officially announced that a Lizzie McGuire reboot is really happening. The actress and mother of two told PEOPLE during the D23 Expo in August that she's just started to introduce the character that made her famous to her own children. “I recently started talking to him about Lizzie McGuire and showing little clips on YouTube,” she explained. “I think he’s pretty fascinated to see me so young, not looking the same, but obviously he knows that’s his mom," she added. “I think that he thinks I’m cool now, which is awesome. I’ll take that for as long as I can have it!”

Duff is definitely not alone in her homework struggles. Many of the actress's followers chimed in the comments section sharing their own homework issues. "I know about the homework struggle. My boy is in the 3rd grade and I’m googling for help!" wrote one fan, while another added, "Wait until middle school 😳'

It's nice to see that even celebrities experience the same frustrations and issues as other parents! For now Duff seems like she's come up with the perfect solution to her homework woes. Replying to one commenter she wrote, "I send a picture to my fiancé while he is working ....like did we do this right?"

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