10 Hilarious Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Parenting Quotes

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are definitely an interesting famous couple. They got married in 2012, and they have welcomed three children into the world since then. The pair seems as though they are a very happy couple, and they appear to be awesome parents as well.

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Both of them seem to know that parenting can be very hard, but that does not mean that they don’t have a sense of humor about the whole thing. In true Blake and Ryan style, they have both said some very interesting things about what it is like to raise kids. Here are a few of their most entertaining (and relatable) quotes about being parents.

10 Ryan: "I’d hang [My Daughter's Drawing] On The Fridge But Honestly, It’s Absolute Garbage"

Ryan has posted lots of humorous tweets about the parenting experiences he has had to deal with over the last few years, and one of them has something to do with the art one his daughters has created.

The father of three loves his little ones, but he is willing to admit that they are not exactly the best artists in the world. Ryan’s tweets about parenting are funny and relatable at the same time.

9 Blake: "She Already Knows How To Drywall Because She Puts Holes In The Wall"

Kids are very active, and sometimes they destroy things on accident, which is something that Blake has talked about before. Apparently, one of the children Ryan and Blake share already knows how do some remodeling in her home, which is a statement that sounds pretty awesome on the surface, especially since she is so young.

But the only reason she knows how to do things like that is because she has already damaged at least one of the walls inside of their home. Moms who appear to be perfect are very surprising to Blake, since her child is doing things like that.

8 Ryan: "But Not Too Humid, Because My Hair"

According to one of posts Ryan once posted on one of his social media accounts, the actor is not a huge fan of walking through fire: "I'd walk through fire for my daughter. Well not FIRE, because it's dangerous. But a super humid room. But not too humid, because my hair."

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The actor also seems to be very obsessed with his hair, and since that is the case, he would not be fond of being in a room that is too humid, either.

7 Blake: "You Get Bigger Faster, Too"

Blake said this quote ("It’s a lot faster. You get bigger faster, too, which has been nice to try to fit into clothing strategically"), and it is as humorous as it is true. The actress has been pregnant three different times, and she has noticed some intriguing things during each of her pregnancies.

Pregnant women tend to have a noticeable baby bump earlier during their second pregnancy than they do during the first one. That is because the uterus does not usually go back to its original shape after one has given birth. It looks like Blake was onto something when she said this quote.

6 Ryan: "I’m Teaching My Daughter That The Sun Goes Down Each Night Because It’s Mad At Her"

There are times when Ryan posts serious things, and there are also plenty of times when he posts jokes, and this is certainly one thing that fans have to hope is a joke, since making a child think that the sun is mad at them sounds very cruel.

The part about the sun is not the only thing that makes this very humorous. The talented actor has joked about releasing a book about parenting on multiple occasions, and this is one of them. But on a more serious note, a parenting book written by Ryan and Blake would be fun to read.

5 Blake: "Then My Older Daughter, James, Decided That She Doesn’t Sleep Through The Night Anymore"

Getting children to sleep through the night is a very hard thing to do, and Blake said this humorous quote about that topic: "And then she finally started sleeping through the night because because she was old enough. Then my older daughter, James, decided that she doesn't sleep through the night anymore."

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When the actress gave birth to her second little one, Inez, getting the child to learn to sleep through the night on her own was not a fun experience, but she was eventually able to do it.

4 Ryan: "On Father’s Day, My Daughter Smiled At Me"

Ryan has joked about leaving his family on Father’s Day: "On Fathers Day, my daughter smiled at me. It was all the gift I needed as I packed a bag and left for 6 years to write a book on parenting." This does not sound very funny on the surface, but it seems as though Ryan always has a way of making the darkest things seem a bit more humorous, and this quote is just evidence of that.

The Deadpool star has talked about the fact that a smile from his children is the only gift he could possibly want, and that is something most parents would probably say when it comes to their own kids.

3 Blake: "If I Could Spit Out A Litter Of Kids, I Would"

This quote from Blake is kind of funny, but the interesting part is that it is also true. Blake and Ryan were both brought up in families that were rather large, so it is only natural that they plan to have a big family of their own.

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Blake really wants to have lots of children, so it seems as though adding another baby to their family is still a possibility for them. It seems as though Blake is really loving her role as a mother. It appears that the actress is a natural when it comes to raising little ones.

2 Ryan: "Selecting A Lower Back Tattoo For An Infant Is Easy"

Ryan responded to a tweet with: "Selecting a lower back tattoo for an infant is easy. Finding someone willing to do the work is challenging. "

The context here is that one of his fans asked him to tweet about something that everyone in the world would want to hear, and of course his answer was as unique as he is. He talked about the fact that finding someone who does not have a problem giving a baby a tattoo is pretty difficult.

1 Blake: "At A Year And A Half, She’s Equipped To Be A Babysitter"

While other parents are worried that they will never find someone that they trust enough to baby-sit their children, Blake likes to tell jokes like this one, which is about her oldest daughter being a babysitter. The joke being: "I feel like at a year and a half, she’s equipped to be a babysitter. Like, we can go out and go on date night."

Most parents would not even dream of saying something like this, which might be part of what makes it such a funny quote.

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