10 Most Hilarious Parts Of Being A Mom, Based On Memes

Motherhood is one of those things in life that is both difficult and truly wonderful... even in the exact same moment. Parents talk about how having kids expanded their hearts and also the joy that they find in each day. It's also true that having kids can be absolutely hilarious.

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Motherhood teaches you about patience, happiness, and also exhaustion. And all of these things are featured in some really funny memes about the experience of being a mother. Here are the 10 most hilarious parts of being a mom, based on memes.

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10 It's Story Time

One of the most hilarious parts of being a mom is when your adorable kid is telling you something that happened at school today... and, as this meme says, it's truly a neverending tale.

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This is such a perfect meme since it puts into words what so many moms have experienced. Of course you love hearing what your children have to say and it's awesome that they're learning how to tell a story. But it's also true that there is an art to storytelling and they just haven't figured out how to condense things yet.

9 So Tired

When you become a mother, you realize one thing really, really fast: you're not going to log a lot of hours of sleep... and probably not for the foreseeable future. This is tough to accept since sleep is so wonderful and before you entered motherhood, you really could sleep in when you wanted to.

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This meme puts into words another hilarious part of motherhood: the lack of sleep. Before, you totally thought that you needed 8 hours to feel great or even function. Now, you realize how much you can do when you had a rough night.

8 Mom, Where Are You?!

What mother hasn't thought this at least once?! Chances are, you think this quite a lot.

Of course you know that your kiddos rely on you and you're more than happy to raise them into good people. You make them meals, get them snacks, get them water, help them with anything, get them toys... Yeah, that's a pretty long list. This meme is Mean Girls meets motherhood perfection and it needs to be seen by all mothers.

7 Go To Bed

Putting a child to bed can be a fun and peaceful experience. You get them into their favorite jammies, read them their most beloved book, give them a hug, and they smile lovingly at you as you turn off the light and leave the room.

Wait... that does sound awesome, but as moms know, bedtime doesn't always go that smoothly. One of the most hilarious parts of being a mom is how much your kids hate going to bed, and this meme is a great example of how funny that is.

6 Middle Of The Night Musings

You just woke up because your little one is calling out for you. They had a nightmare or they're uncomfortable or they can't find their fave stuffed animal. So you help them out, get them back to sleep, and head back to your own bed.

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Unfortunately, you just can't fall back asleep... and as you lie there, you see that your partner is 100 percent asleep. They might not have even woken up at all or noticed that you were gone briefly. It's so unfair... but also pretty funny, which is what this meme proves.

5 Bathroom Break

All moms know that it's pretty much impossible to pee in private. Even if you sneak off to the bathroom, your little ones have a sixth sense about this type of thing and they knock on the door saying, "Mom..."

This meme sums up another hilarious part of being a mom: you just don't get to use the bathroom by yourself. Yes, you do get used to it. But it's always something that you can laugh at.

4 Just A Snack

As a mom, you spend a lot of time engaging in snack time negotiations. These are very intense, top-level moments. You have to have been a mom for a while to be able to make this happen. Your kids are sneaky and they can convince anyone that they really do deserve another cookie... but you're smarter than that. You know they've had too many cookies already and that it's time to move on from that idea.

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Your kids can also tell when you're eating a snack yourself... especially when it's something that you just told them that they can't eat. This meme shows that motherhood moment perfectly.

3 Home Sick

There's not much worse than when your kids aren't feeling well. But mothers are super aware of the fact that sometimes kids pretend to be sick... which is why this is such a hilarious meme.

Moms can tell when their child is actually sick and needs to be home from school and when they're faking so they can get out of something.

2 It's Always Mom

Another funny meme about being a mom, this meme points out that you're no longer known by your actual name. Nope, those days are totally over.

Now that you're a mother, you're known as "Joe's mom" or "Sarah's mom." Of course it's wonderful to be a mom, but sometimes it can definitely feel like no one knows what your name really is.

1 Coffee, Please

Here's another great meme that shows how hilarious motherhood can be. What mom doesn't need coffee and wine to make it through the tough moments?

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There are tons of memes out there about how much moms love wine and coffee and for good reason. Every mom looks at her sweet kids and thinks, "I love them so much" and then looks at their steaming hot cup of coffee and thinks, "I love you so much, too."

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