10 Hilarious Memes About Being A New Mom

Being a new mom can very rewarding but it can also be challenging at times. New moms are often overly sleep-deprived, overworked, and underpaid and no one seems to quite understand like other moms. New moms also seem to question whether or not they are doing things right and tend to ask their loved ones about their performance as a new mom.

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But the thing is, they are doing everything to the best of their ability and that’s all that really counts. Memes aren’t just great for a good laugh, but they can also show new moms that they aren’t alone that sometimes the struggle is real. Continue reading to see some hilarious memes about being a new mom!

10 Early Morning Googling

This meme is spot on and it is also something that all new moms can relate to. New moms are no stranger to Googling things online at all hours of the day. Those 4 am Googling sessions seem to happen more and more as the baby gets seems to get bigger. When there is something that new moms need to know that isn’t urgent enough to call their baby’s pediatrician, it is Google to the rescue!

It doesn’t matter if you want to know the different colors of baby poop or if it’s a good time to wake your baby up; you are sure to get your answer!

9 Before, After, Or During?

Doesn’t it always seem like your baby only halfway goes to the bathroom, and then out of nowhere either during or after the diaper change, they decide to finish their business? This meme shows the not so pretty side of being a new mom.

But that is okay because we love our little ones even if they do prefer to go to the bathroom on us every now and again. Plus, it gives us leverage against our children when they get older and we want to embarrass them!

8 The Stages Of Pregnancy

This meme has the cycle of pregnancy and the aftermath down perfectly! And it is completely relatable! It is something that many new moms can understand and sympathize with. When you first get pregnant, “the girls” look fabulous, and then the adorable pregnancy belly starts to show. Then, you can’t forget about the luscious pregnancy locks!

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But then, afterward, as the meme says, your body almost seems like as quickly as it inflated, it starts to deflate! “The girls” start to get a bit smaller, your once delightful hair starts to thin out and finally “the girls” sometimes seem to go down south after your finish breastfeeding! Ah, the joys of motherhood!

7 After The C-Section

The pure agony of this poor guy who appears to be having some major back pain can really show people what getting out of bed after a c-section is like. Many new moms will, unfortunately, be able to understand this meme a little too well.

C-sections are incredibly painful, but seeing your little one stare up at you with their beautiful eyes can really make it all worth it. C-section pain is only temporary, but the unconditional love you’ll have for your child lasts a lifetime!

6 Sleeping Great

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Forty minutes of sleep might not sound like much to some, but to a new mom, it can make all the difference between needing an IV filled with caffeine and staying awake long enough to not fall asleep while changing your little one’s diaper.

Some new moms dream about getting a full forty minutes of sleep; which is something some people take for granted. Most moms only get a few hours of broken sleep here and there! Motherhood usually equals sleep deprivation!

5 Things You Don’t Think About Before The Baby

There are so many different things that change after having a baby such as your body, mind, and, at times, it may even feel like your soul. However, we don’t always realize that just about everything will change for us including when we shower, eat, and use the potty ourselves.

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For the next 18 years after the baby is born, our habits will revolve around our child. For some of us, even longer than 18 years. By the time we get our old routine back, it’s almost like we never had one, to begin with!

4 You’re next!

Getting pregnant and giving birth will forever change our bodies, sometimes in ways that we aren’t looking forward to. Some people love being pregnant, but not everyone enjoys the painful part; giving birth. Giving birth will forever change a woman’s lady parts. Some women get extremely anxious thinking about what it will be like in the delivery room, and rightfully so! Some things may never look or feel the same ever again.

But don’t let that scare you because it will all be worth seeing your baby girl or boy for the first time.

3 Leaving You In The Dust

This meme can be hilariously true for some new moms. Sometimes trying to get help from your partner when it comes to sharing responsibilities can be like winning the lottery; it’s probably never going to happen and if it does there are so many taxes taken out that you wonder if it is even worth it in the end.

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So, if you live with your partner, sometimes leaving them in the dust after a hard day of caring for the children can help save your own sanity before they get a chance to leave you in the dust.

2 Show Me The Money

Children are often the reason that parents go broke. So this meme seems perfectly legit and accurate; not to mention hilarious! A wardrobe for children is often quite expensive, especially depending on where you shop. That is why it is never a bad idea for new moms to ask that people get their children’s clothing for their birthdays and holidays; anything helps.

Hopefully, no one ever breaks into anyone’s house, but if they do, point them to your child’s closet when they ask where you keep the money! That’ll explain a lot!

1 Postpartum Hairloss

During pregnancy, thanks to a woman’s lovely hormones, moms-to-be get this beautiful, luscious head of hair, unlike nothing they’ve ever seen before.

But what feels like shortly after the baby arrives, those gorgeous locks begin to fall out. Most new moms worry that their postpartum hair loss is going to leave the bald, but don’t fret. Most new moms don’t lose more than they have gained while pregnant leaving them with almost the same amount of hair they had before! Plus, postpartum hair loss is only temporary!

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