10 Hilarious Memes About Kids & Bedtimes

Before you have kids, people always tell you one thing: you won't get a lot of sleep, at least for the first couple of years. As soon as you become a parent, you know that even though you have many days (and nights) when you're exhausted, you feel so much love. Everyone is right when they say that it's worth it.

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There are tons of really funny memes about parenthood, from needing coffee to the cute ways that little kids tell stories. There are also some memes about going to bed that are so relatable and so perfect. Here are 10 hilarious memes about kids and bedtimes.

10 Everything Happens At Night

This is a hilarious meme because it's what really happens in every single household. It's like as soon as kids know that it's time for them to go to sleep, they can think of a million things that they would rather do instead. Or they go to bed... only to wake up five minutes later, asking for some water or a snack.

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It's funny that when you're growing up, you can't stand the thought of going to bed. It seems like the worst idea in the world and it's just so boring. But as you get older, you love sleeping, and it's one of your favorite activities.

9 This Is Every Parent

Another hilarious meme about kids and bedtime, this one uses a great image of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy from the comedy film The Heat.

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Sometimes kids are tired and go to sleep super easily... but a lot of the time, it's a struggle, and this meme sums that up perfectly. This is a pretty accurate depiction of what you look like after they finally agree to go to sleep.

8 One More Visit

The funniest memes are the ones that you can relate to and see yourself in, and this is totally one of them.

Sometimes, your little one just has to tell you one more thing before going to bed, or they want a certain stuffed animal that they can't find. Or they just want a hug. Of course, you can never say no, and those nighttime snuggles are the best kind.

7 So Tired

Isn't this meme so true?! You look forward to the evenings when your little one has gone off to dreamland and you have some time. Maybe you'll clean the kitchen, make lunch for tomorrow, or watch a show on Netflix. The possibilities seem endless and wonderful.

But, of course, you're exhausted, so instead of crossing some items off your to-do-list or watching something entertaining, you're going to fall asleep right away.

6 It's Funny That You Think That

This hilarious and adorable meme tells the story of the early days of having a baby. They're so cute and so sweet... but they really don't love sleeping through the night.

There are many things that parents can do to help babies and kids get a better night's sleep... but newborns in particular are going to be up during the night sometimes. It's just an inevitable part of being a new parent. The next time that your little one is totally awake at midnight, you can think of this meme.

5 Oh No

Every parent has had this experience, and it's incredibly scary. There you are, smiling at their sweet little face as they lie in bed all cozy and ready for sleep. You've read a few books, had some chats, and it's time to leave their bedroom.

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But then... you accidentally walk on a toy that makes way too much noise. Or maybe you shut the door too loudly and your kid wakes up right away. Oops.

4 It's Accurate

This funny meme shows the difference between what you picture bedtime as and what it actually ends up being. Okay, so sometimes it's totally fine and everything works out smoothly.

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But a lot of the time, you feel like this meme is a pretty accurate representation of what goes on every night. Your kids would just really rather stay up.


Another hilarious meme about kids and bedtimes, this one focuses on how you're supposed to sleep for 8 hours a night... but when you're a mom, you don't always get quite that much rest.

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Sure, you have good intentions, but if bedtime takes longer because your little one wants some cuddles and stories (and of course you can't say no to that), you might not get that 8 hour stretch of blissful rest every single night.

2 Mean Girls Is The Best

You can't go wrong with a Mean Girls meme. And a Mean Girls meme that discusses sleep (or not sleeping, as the case might be) is even better.

Just like "fetch" is never going to happen, there are definitely nights when it doesn't feel like your kids are going to ever go to bed.  Whether they're asking to watch an episode of their favorite TV show, read a book, or they want to play a little bit longer, they're just not interested in sleeping. And can you blame them? When you're little, the world is so fascinating, and there are so many things that you want to explore. Sleep is just too dull.

1 Little Philosophers

Finally, here's a hilarious meme about kids and bedtime that makes you realize that even if your kids don't always want to sleep, that those extra moments that you get to spend with them are totally worth it.

The best part about this meme? Calling kids "dehydrated philosophers" is so great. Whether they're asking for a glass of water or wanting to chat about why things are the way that they are, you always want to be there for them... even if you all get a little less sleep that night. Hey, it's all part of the journey of parenthood.

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