So High Heeled Crocs Are Now A Thing


Fashion is a very subjective thing. We all have our tastes and style that we prefer, and to each their own, right? That's the great thing about fashion and trends, even the most out-there ones will appeal to someone. Remember those furry UGG sandals? Surely there are people that saw those and thought, yep, those are the sandals for me! Croc shoes are one of those things that you either love or hate. They're awesome for kids, but you know what? Plenty of adults rock them, too. If you're a Croc fan, but have always wanted a more ... stylish version of the foam slide, then we have just the shoe for you. Introducing the high-heeled Croc!

high-heeled crocs
Image: Amazon

Yes, you read that right. High. Heeled. Crocs. For when you need something to easily go from daytime to nighttime, but don't want to sacrifice comfort and wearability! According to the product description, the high-heeled Crocs offer an elegant t-strap design and attractive metal hardware. Of course, that doesn't mean they don't offer the same Croslite foam footbed you've come to expect from the brand.

high-heeled crocs
Image: Amazon

The high-heeled Crocs were spotted on Amazon UK, and retail for about $53US. They come in two colors, black and platinum gray. Believe it or not, the black is sold out, and the gray is going fast! The shoes have 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and the majority of the reviews are very positive. People who bought them said they were comfortable, stylish, and fab. One person even admitted to owning three pairs in three different colors! Just a heads up though, if you're planning on scooping up a pair for yourself, people report that they run slightly small and narrow, so size up.

In all seriousness, these high-heeled Crocs aren't even the weirdest shoes we've ever seen. Those furry UGGs are pretty odd, and there is even a pair of high-end platform Crocs from fashion house Balenciaga. Once again, no matter how weird or ugly you may find something, you can bet the house that someone, somewhere will love them and wear them with pride.

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