This Robot Chases The Sun Around To Keep Your Plant Happy

Well, well, well! If your thumb happens to be more brown than green, this cute little robot from Vincross might just be the answer to your problem...and your succulents.

According to Country Living, succulents thrive when exposed to plenty of bright light. The best way to ensure growth is to leave them in direct sun for six hours every day. That’s a lot of sunlight! And, most likely, your succulents won’t receive that much throughout the day while stuck in the same spot.

That’s where Hexa, the robotic plant holder, comes to the rescue! Its mission? To keep your succulents alive and thriving. This smart robot will chase down the sun in order to ensure your succulents receive optimal sunshine throughout the day.

When exposed to the sun, Hexa can rotate a full 360 degrees, ensuring no rays are missed. Plus, it helps takes the guess work out of watering, as it gets grumpy when your plants are thirsty. Sounds pretty fool proof, right? Even for those who can’t keep a cactus alive! With Hexa as your new roommate, your succulents will be better than ever. As an added bonus, it takes up little space, doesn’t leave a mess, and makes your life easier.

The idea for Hexa was sparked when Tianqi Sun, the CEO and inventor, visited a sunflower exhibition where he became enthralled with a dead sunflower surrounded by blooms. “The dead flower sat in a place that was always in a shadow…I thought, if it could move a little bit…take a 30-feet walk out of the shadow to where the other sunflowers were, it would have lived healthily,” he wrote in his blog.

With its ability to seek out sunshine as needed, find shade to cool off, and communicate when happy, there's no denying that Hexa has some impressive skills.  Also, we have to admit, we think Hexa is pretty darn cute!

We have robots that vacuum for us, so why not one that takes care of our house plants too?Now, if only someone would invent a robot that folds laundry. Surely it must be next on the list.

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