10 Ways To Help Your Child Get Over Being Afraid Of The Dark

There can be a phase in your child's life when bedtime can become stressful for them. Though you might not know why one night they might be afraid when you turn off their lights in their room. When your child is afraid of the dark, it can be difficult for you to get them to go to bed without you being there with them. Though time usually helps this situation there are some things you can do as a parent to help your child overcome their fear. So keep reading to discover ten ways you can help your child over their fear of the dark.

10 Read Them Book

A wonderful way for kids to feel less alone is to see others who have the same problems they have and there are many wonderful books for helping your child overcome their fear of the dark. These books are made to show your child that there is nothing scary about the dark and that the room is the same room whether the light is on or off. So head to your local bookstore and pick up some books to each to your child to help them overcome this fear!

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9 Don’t Let Them Watch Anything Scary

Kids are young and impressionable and when they are like this they can have a hard time understanding reality from fantasy. What your kids are watching can affect if they get any fears. Though you only let them watch kid programming you might not know it, but your child might have overheard or peaked in on you watching your scare movie the other night. So be aware of what you are putting on T.V. when your kids are home so they do not see or hear anything that is not age-appropriate.

8 Show Them The Dark Can Be Fun

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Your child is afraid of the dark because they think that it is scary. A wonderful way for you to help them with this fear is to show them that the dark can be fun. Show them that you can play with glow sticks and sparkles when it is dark out. Also when it is dark out you can see fireworks and fireflies outside. These positive associate can really help when it comes to overcoming being afraid of the dark. So make time to have some positive associate and have some fun in the dark with them!

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7 Stay Calm As They Work This Out

As a parent, you have to deal with many things that involve your child. From the fun times when you are laughing and smiling with them when they are sad and upset. When it comes to working out their fears you need to stay calm. You do not want to make your child feel any worse when it comes to dealing with their fear of the dark. Take a deep breathe and make sure that you take your time to think things through before you say anything to them about this fear.

6 Do Not Play Into Their Fear

The worst thing you can do when your child is afraid of the dark is to play into this. Though you might think these comments are lighthearted they are going to affect your child making them even more afraid of the dark. Any comments like “if you don’t go to bed now the monster is going to get you” or anything along those lines since you can really affect your child's mental health. It’s their mental health that is making them afraid of the dark, so make sure you do not play into it!

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5 Get Them Items To Comfort Them

Since your child is afraid of the dark then you want them to have items with them in their bed that is going to comfort them. These items might be a soft blanket, a stuffed animal or their favorite action figure. It’s these little things that can do a lot to make them feel more protected and get through the night. Next time you are at the store make sure you let your little one pick out something that will make them feel comfortable and safe at night.

4 Show Your Child How To Have Fun With Shadow


Many times when a child is afraid of the dark, it is because there are shadows that are making their mind think of scary things. A way to help them get past this is to show them what they shadows are made of. That scare shadow on the way can be because of one of their giant teddy bears that just looks different at night. Also, make sure to have some fun with shadows with them so they know that shadows can be made from anything around their room or even with their own hands.

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3 Talk To Them About Why They Are Afraid

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Sometimes as a parent all you want to do to make things better can actually make things worse. For example, if you are just guessing why your child is afraid of the dark, you are not going to get anywhere. Instead, talk to your child about their fear. Have an open discussion with your little one about what they are afraid of the dark and you might find out it is because of a creepy shadow or something scary the saw on T.V. that made them feel this way.

2 Let Them Express Their Feelings

It can be frustrating for parents to have to deal with a child who is afraid of the dark, but one thing that you need to do is make sure you are not brushing of their feelings. Your child is afraid and you need to let them know that their emotions are valid. Let your child feel their emotions so they do not feel bad about crying and being afraid of the dark. Overall, your kids just want to know that you are there for them no matter what and them expressing their feelings is a way to be there for them.

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1 Get A Nightlight

Depending on where your child’s room is in the house there room might be very dark compared to other rooms. This can play into why they are afraid since no street lights can light up their room. A wonderful way to combat this is to get them a nightlight. This nightlight can be something that you and your child pick out together so they feel special about it. Head to the store and let your child pick out a nightlight to help brighten up the room a bit for when you turn off the overhead light.

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