10 Ways Parents Can Help Teach Their Kids To Reduce Waste

Usually, parents want to do everything they can to make sure that their child always lives a happy and healthy lifestyle, and something that should always be a part of that is recycling. Waste can be really harmful to the environment.

But not everyone knows a lot about how to make the earth a cleaner place, so it can be hard for parents to effectively teach their children about waste reduction. Those who wish to teach their little ones about taking great care of the planet should do it themselves as well, so that their children have a great example to look up to. Here are some other ways parents can teach their children about this type of thing.

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10 Play Recycling Games

Kids love games, so that means that games can be an effective way of showing them how to reduce waste. This can be very educational for them, but it is also extremely fun for everyone who is involved.

There are lots of different recycling games out there, but those who are just beginning to introduce their children to it might want to consider a game that teaches kids about the items that can actually be recycled. This is important since there are lots of items that cannot be recycled. Games like this will help children remember little things like that.

9 Building Robots Is Fun

Robots are really cool toys, and children can actually create their own version of one with recycled materials. There are lots of materials needed for something like this. In order to create toy robot from this kind of material, kids will need to have something along the lines of foil, old boxes, ice cream containers, paper, and straws, as well as crayons.

Depending on what they want their robot to look like, they might need to use some other materials as well, such as lids from soft drinks, and clothing that they no longer wear. Kids can also build an electronic version of this toy as well.

8 Read With Them

Parents who want to teach their older kids about reducing waste can read about the facts of recycling with them. Younger children probably would not find this very interesting, but those who are a bit older will be more likely to grasp how serious this situation is, and they might then feel a great push to reduce their carbon footprint.

Parents can also take their children outside while they do this, and talk about how many of the earth’s gorgeous trees can be saved if more people try their best to start taking better care of the planet. If one ton of paper gets recycled, 17 trees are saved.

7 Keep Some Recycling Bins Around The House

Recycling at home is one of the best ways for parents to get their little ones to learn about reducing waste. But that is a lot harder to do when there is not a recycling bin in the house, so that is why parents should definitely invest in one.

But the best part is that they do not actually have to travel to the store to buy one. Instead, parents can have a little extra bonding time with their children while they gather up some used materials in order to make one. This will definitely help lots of kids learn about how awesome recycling is.

6 Parents And Kids Can Make Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are really cool, and it turns out that some of them can be made out of recycled materials. This is fun for adults to do on their own, but it is definitely something the kids will love as well.

One of the best things about this is the fact that it requires very few materials. Parents and children only need peanut butter, bird seed, twine, toilet paper rolls, and popsicle sticks in order to make this fun and useful craft. Those who wish to use something other than peanut butter can try something like almond butter or sunflower butter.

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5 Kids Love Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are incredibly fun, and they can be a great way for parents to teach their young children about reducing waste. Those who wish to do this can make it even more fun by hosting it in a local park, which is something children typically love.

Once parents and their children arrive at their desired location, they can search for objects that can be recycled. This is a really good way to teach and remind children about which items can be recycled, and which ones should not. Families who have multiple kids can even turn it into a race to make it more enjoyable.

4 Use Newspapers To Build Things

Newspapers might not seem like they are very strong, but that does not mean that they cannot be used to build some things, since they can be used to make structures for children to play in. Parents can create surprise things for their kids, or they can have their little ones design the structure themselves.

This is actually a fantastic way to introduce engineering, as well as geometry, to young people. The possibilities here are endless, and since these things are just made out of newspaper, kids can actually color on them, which makes it that much more enjoyable for them.

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3 Show Them How Important It Is To Donate Things

Parents should definitely spend some time teaching their children how important it is to donate things that they no longer use. They can do this by going through their own things to donate, since parents are the first people their children really look up to.

They can also get their kids involved in donating things by helping the child pick out clothes or toys that he or she no longer uses, and giving them to those who are in need. This is an awesome way to show children that things are still useful, even after their original owners are finished with them.

2 Field Trips Are Always Fun

Field trips are awesome, and they are also very educational. Parents can plan a couple of different field trips to help teach their little ones about the importance of reducing waste.

One fun trip parents and their offspring will certainly enjoy if they are interested in recycling is going to the closest recycling center. There, everyone can get a better and more personal look at how things are recycled. This is also just a fantastic way for parents to strengthen the bond they have with their kids, and it will definitely make a great memory for everyone who is involved. Sometimes schools travel to places like this as well.

1 Create A Puzzle

There are lots of things that can be made out of recycled items, including puzzles. Puzzles are lots of fun for parents and kids to do together, and they are also lots of fun for them to create together as well.

It’s very easy to do something like this, but it is probably a better fit for older children than it is for younger ones. Parents and their kids can cut up some old greeting cards for this. But there are other things that can be used as well. Old boxes are also a great choice for this kind of thing.

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