10 Ways To Help Kids Make More Friends

All moms want is for their little ones to make friends as soon as they go to preschool, elementary school, summer camp, or any other location that will help them meet more people. There's truly nothing worse than your child being lonely or telling you that some kids at school aren't being super nice to them.

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There are many things that you can do to ensure that your child has a great social network, and then everyone in the house will definitely be much happier. Here are 10 ways to help kids make more friends.

10 Boost Their Self-Esteem

When adults are making new friends (or even dating), they want to be as confident as possible and make sure that their self-esteem isn't super low. It's the same thing here.

Moms can boost their kid's self-esteem by talking to them about their best qualities, letting them know that everyone gets nervous about meeting new people, and just generally comforting them.

9 Sign Them Up For Art Classes

Art classes are not only fun for children who have some creative talent but they can be a good place to meet other kids. Since everyone will be around the same age and have the same interest, chances are your child will be able to make at least one new friend from this activity.

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It's a good idea for your child to be in social situations as much as possible so they get used to be around other children and talking to them, so art classes would work on that level as well.

8 Host A Neighborhood Party

Many neighborhoods have block or street parties, which can be an awesome way for everyone to meet each other. These are often really sweet gatherings and kids will play together for hours (just like the good old days).

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If you want to help your kids make more friends, you can try hosting a neighborhood party. Invite other families over so your little ones can meet all of the other kids in the area (and you might end up making a few new connections, too).

7 Befriend Other Moms At School

Sometimes, if a mom becomes friends with other moms at the school that her little one goes to, that can help them make their own set of pals. Maybe you really hit it off with a classmate's mother and so you can talk to her about getting your two kids to hang out sometime. Chances are, if you really like her and her personality, her kid will be great, too.

6 Summer And March Break Camps Are A Good Idea

There are so many camps to choose from every summer season, from special sports or drama camps to a full-time day camp that your child can attend in July and August.

You can sign your kid up for any of these camps and that will definitely increase their chances of making new friends. March Break camps are also smart since you'll give your kid something fun to do while off school for the week, and they can also meet new people, of course.

5 Always Invite Everyone To Parties

We can all probably remember the day when we weren't invited to a classmate's birthday party... or even someone that we thought was a good friend. This happens all the time, even though it seems so mean to exclude people.

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Make sure that your little one is expanding their social circle by always inviting everyone to their parties. You can invite every single classmate and any neighborhood kids. Your child will get a good opportunity to talk to them and see if they get along with them. The nice thing about being inclusive is that, hopefully, other kids (and their moms) will reciprocate.

4 Talk About Being Brave

Even when we want to make new friends, we want to be brave and full of confidence. We can talk to our kids the same way. When you want to help your kid make more friends, you can talk to them about being brave.

You can explain that bravery is part of making friendships and that it's okay to walk up to another kid that they don't know and say hi and ask how they're doing. The other kid will be glad that they did so.

3 Comfort Them If They Get Rejected

We also get rejected sometimes when we try to make new friends. Maybe someone is too busy to hang out with us, even if they do think that we would get along, or perhaps they just don't want to make any new friends. (Sounds harsh but it does happen.)

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When your kid starts putting themselves out there more and talking to more people, they might end up getting rejected. Of course this is going to break your heart and you will hate seeing this, but it's part of the process. Your job as a mom is to comfort them if they get rejected and let them know that this is okay and they are still amazing.

2 Make Their Home Life Fun And Loving

While it's wonderful to make new friends and have a lot of them, it's also true that children need a warm and loving place to land once they come home from school and on the weekends.

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Moms can also make sure that their kids have a loving home life and also have a lot of fun. This will help take the sting out of rejection and make them feel a lot better. And this will also give them more confidence.

1 Talk About Sharing At School

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Everyone would be happy if your kid brought a treat into their classroom just because, whether cookies or cupcakes (after you clear it with the teacher first, of course). Maybe your child can also bring in a board game or something that they can enjoy with the other kids.

If you talk to your kid about sharing more at school, that could get them talking to more of their classmates, and they could start forging more friendships that way.

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